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If I see green color, my mind directly connect with nature, tree and leaf. :). But this green is difference. it is related with money. hahahah...
In my country, money is not only in green but also in red, blue, and brown.
Again, hahahah.... Green is just metaphor right....!! just kidding men, just kidding....:).

By the way, as new comer, I would like to Introduce Forex Press V. 1.0 Blogger Template that I have converted from Word Press for you.

This template has been tested in :
  1. Internet Explorer 6. (new versions will view it best, like IE 8)
  2. Mozilla Firefox 2.xx (new versions will view it best, like Firefox 3.xx)
  3. Opera 9.0 (new versions will view best)
After Downloading, please leave a comment below..... yeah... ...........:)

1. Customizing the FeedBurner Form
  • Go to LAYOUT -- Edit HTML -- No need to expand widget
  • find (CTRL+F) this word :

Change it with your own ID. For Example: CahayaBirusSphere

2. Customizing the Menu

Here is the HTML Structure of per menu.
<li><a href='POST-LINK-LOCATION' title='POST-TITLE'> POST-TITLE </a></li>

You can add more menu link by copy-paste under the previous one.
Also, You can edit it in wordprocessor or notepad.

Change the words
  • POST-LINK-LOCATION with your own link
  • POST-TITLE with your own title. The first POST TITLE is hover text. It will show when your mouse put over the link. The second is Text title which can be shown in web.

After that editing, ,
  • Go to LAYOUT -- Add Page Element
  • you will see FOX MENU
  • Press edit
  • Then fill it with yours which just have been edited...
  • Save your template.

For the rest instructions, you can read it in the package.

The files is UPDATED IN 10 April 2009


Creative Commons License
Forex Press by Cahaya Biru is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at


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