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Gamezine (Cahaya Versions)


Description :
GameZine Blogger Template is a conversion from its original in WP Themes. The template has a dark grunge design with a fixed with 3 column layout. The template is perfectly suitable for gamers and with some modification it will fit into any niche. The list of features include 1. Magazine theme layout, with dark and grunge style. 2. Multi-level drop-down javascript navigation menu. 3. Featured post section with javascript gallery 4. Featured video section 5. Site wide customizable 125x125 banner ads. 6. Adsense enabled 7. Javascript thumbnail slider which links to posts of specified category. 8. About me section, which is customizable, including image and text. 9. news display with mini thumbnails. 10. Mini posts with thumbnails. 11. customizable top games section on the sidebar. 12. Widgetized, dual sidebar. 13. Theme support 14. Custom theme option page in the admin panel.
(this short description quoted from

Overview Of Blogger Template Gamezine
Original Design Author : Jinsona Design
Converted to blogger by : Cahaya Biru
Date of conversion : 29 January 2009, revised the code in 15 February 2009

The Features Of "the awesome" GameZine
  1. Menu on top and below header (For installation guide, Click Here)
  2. Inline Minipost with magazine style, with Auto mini image included
  3. Auto Read More included
  4. No float Image at post template
  5. Auto adjustment image position in post
  6. Glider Content (for installation guide, Click Here)
  7. Image Slide (for the installation Guide, Click Here)
  8. Tabber (for the installation guide, Click Here)
  9. Nice Video Header (for the installation guide, Click Here)
  10. Search Form
  11. news display with thumbnails (for the installation guide, Click Here)
The weakness of GameZine Blogger Template :
  • No Subscribe feature... :)
  • Need Special knowledge of HTML and CSS code / for Professional and Mid-end blogger user

GAMEZINE ADD PAGE ELEMENT: Clean and well organized

By the way, almost forgot, This GameZine is bloggerized with our special setting of xml files. It has a clean and well organized view at the Add Page Element, as shown at above figure. What about the speed and stability...?? You can try it in your blog or preview the demo, right guys...
Actually, the speed is depended on how much images or widget that you install... :)

This Gamezine Template has been tested and passed in flollowing browser:
  • Mozilla Firefox 2.xx (new versions will show it better)
  • Internet Explarer 6 (New Versions will show it better)
  • Opera 9. (new versions will show it better)

Now, let's see from your browser...!!!

What is your opinion guys about this Gamezine....???

NB: sorry, I put every single guide in another page, not in this page. Some Blogger have given suggestions to me in order to explain more about the guidance and not just steps or alike... That's way I make the guidance in different page of this blog...

Please do not remove the footer credit. I spend several hours to convert this nice WP theme to blogger template so that you can use it for your blog. All I ask is, stay the credit intact.

Creative Commons License
Gamezine Blogger Template by Cahaya Biru is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at


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Juvi said...

I can't see the image of latest news, and I've uploaded it with the others. why? thanks

nooBBGodlike said...

thanks for this template.
But why my google webmaster tool cant index my blog,is it because the is verified but no data,etc.

MIKE said...

The slider doesnt work for me in firefox but it works on opera? see what I mean?

krish said...

my site is

Cahaya Biru said...

@Marondesh; Could you repeat your question please??

:: g3n :: said...

@Cahaya Biru...

Can I know If I can change the post title to small words?

Example: "MY POSTS" to "My Posts"..

Thanks. I waiting your answer.

Oscar Hugo Alvitez Dominguez said...

Sorry, i have one question when i start in Explorer 6 an firefox, have the next error:

"No content exist at pages 2! Loading 1st page instead"

any can helpme plz? thx U_U

jonnytracker said...

check my first gamezine game portal,

nooBBGodlike said...

Cahaya help!! my search feature in this template kinda messed up.When my post only 4 it work fine.but when it already about 8 the search engine won't work like it was before.Can you tell me what html code that have connection with search feature so i can check it,if by something i edited template i accidentally delete something.

my blog:

JAG said...

Hey! Thanks for this! I was actually thinking of making a wordpress just for the theme, then again, your intelligence saved me! :)

Kayonite said... has removed your credits and posted they're own instead. How selfish!

Ashish said...

my slider and glider are not on there place.i have uploaded the waht is the problem.

JV said...

Hi Cahaya! I've created some new elements on the right side of the template but i realy don't know how to place headers on them. I've already tried use the code that you used here ( but did not work. Please, help me do that!Thanks!

Prz3mo said...

Hello Cahaya Biru!
I have one question.
This is two small posts on my home site. But one have big font... why? Where can i change this?
I have this problem when i paste image or use justify style on text. Please help.

biyan™ said...

"Please do not remove the footer credit. I spend several hours to convert this nice WP theme to blogger template so that you can use it for your blog. All I ask is, stay the credit intact.". Setuju bro. Kadang saya juga jengkel kalau menemukan template desain sendiri terus mereka menghapus bagian credt nya. Rasanya marah sekali bro.

VoltrenenRC said...

Can i change the titles ? i want put it on portuguese...

AdieX said...

Hello cahaya,
Thanks for this great templates,

but yes, there is slight problem viewing using IE & FF. i understand you can't give proper solution because its only for premium templates user. yet, im still thankful for this good layout.

I did use it and convert everything for my own need & still more to go :)

feel free to visit here :

vintage-cliche said...

@cahaya can you please help me out in customizing my blog..i havent done nothing to it yet. i just downloaded the gamezine theme and uploaded to my blog. its up and running BUT I'm having hard time customizing it. MY MAIN IDEA IS TO SHOW VIDEOGAMES TRAILERS/PICTURES IN THE SLIDESHOWOR GLIDER/AND VIDEOS FROM YOUTUBE OR MY LAPTOP TO MY BLOG/ AND ALSO POSTING BANNERS ETC. my blog is and my email is PLZZZZZ HELP ME SET IT UP, IF U WANT MY blog password so u can throw in ur magic PLZZZ EMAIL ME, I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP. BECAUSE I AM OPENING A GAMEROOM SPOT FOR PEOPLE COME AND PLAY XBOX/PS3/Wii SO I WANNA BE ABLE TO SHOW WHAT I HAVE OR WHATS COMING SOON (ALL USING TRAILERS/PREVIEWS/PICS AS WELL).... PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I ADORE UR WORK. EMAIL ME

sommobuta said...

Hi Cahaya!
First of all, thanks for your work! ^__^

I have a question for you: from , the slides of this template doesn’t work anymore
I use this template, but from that day the slides are dead!
Do you know why?

I think it’s a problem with the (javascript?) code inside template’s html code.
I saw that all gamezine templates have slides that doesn’t work.
Event the template in the prewiew present in (where i downloaded the template…

Do you have any solution for this little problem? Thanks again!

- sorry for my very very bad english! -

viraat795 said...


hats off to you. that's a really nice template you made. but can you provide more help as to how to delete those links to 'group title' and how to post images and text in the slider above the posts. I'll be really glad if you do that.



medicgeek said...

really nice theme but too bad that it doesn't work in IE :(
of course i had replaced all the javascript and host it in my own hosting site. It works perfectly in other browser but just not in IE.

Any help would really much appreciated :)


R.M.Affandi Akbar said...

halo mas mau tanya donk cara buat menghapus fasilitas read morenya gmn yah ?

GlobalTech Atlas said...

I love this template. Is there a way to remove the borders around the picture within blog posts (i'm fine with all the other borders, but within blog posts themselves, I'd like no border (instead of that very thick gray border). I'm tried replacing and changing a bunch of values but I haven't found it yet.

^ H u s k y ^ said...

hi chaya i tried your minipost seeting but it doesnt seem to work on my blog . my image extrudes out of the minipost. is there something wrong i did ? Im not good with this scripting stuff @.@

^ H u s k y ^ said...

hi chaya i tried following this to adjust my minipost but my image still extrudes out of the box . did i do something wrong ? im not very good with all these scripting @.@

find this CSS :
.post img(

bima-station said...

thanks for this awesome layot..
I'll try it on my blog


viagra online said...

Hi friends, I like this post called Gamezine (Cahaya Versions), is very interesting, I would like get more information about this!

JUvAO said...

tengo problemas con la plantilla
espero me puedan ayudar

resulta que pongo la opcion de 12 post por pagina
y resulta que solo se ven 8

aunque le suba a 20,30,0 40 post por pagina
aun asi me salen 8 post :(

ojala me puedan ayudar
aca el link de mi webblog

GuGon said...

i change the size of the post and width, but the background of the post is nost so large, and doesnt cover all the post with black.

look at this photo,, this is my problem

SULE said...

cahaya biru, bagaimana y cara nya ganti logo tu ga ngerti aq. plssss

Anonymous said...

The template is very good.

help as I remove the word gamezine for another word.

Sven said...

The staff is very good.

help as I remove the word gamezine for another word. my blog is

Mohammed said...

thanks for this blog

CyberneticsMujahidz said...

Kk, apakah gambar header pada template tsb bisa dirubah?? dan berapa ukurannya??
saya hendak menggantinya dengan gambar buatan saya sendiri, tapi saya tdk tahu ukuran pas-nya dan cara untuk menggantinya...
mohon pencerahannya..
terima kasih.

William M. Felix said...

No... you have to for having google to index your site. If you already do that wait a week, if it is still not indexed than your site are being sandboxed. Which there is nothing much you can do.

Anyway. nice template Cahaya, thx. ;)

Ricardo said...

Hi Cahayabiru. Great template, but i have a problem right now. How to make my post titles wrap to the next line, so they don´t get cut? I´m using wordpress!

Cahaya Biru said...

sorry this is only for Blogger, not for wordpress....

sofko said...


piks said...

Wow this is a really great template. Thanks a lot

YounG-H said...

Hey How would you change the speed of the Cat menu drop down List because the current one seems to disapear so quick that thers a problem to click the Sub menues from it

PinoyDoble said...

good day can i change the title banner?...i want to get rid the helicopter imgage...thanks.

Maicon R.Lda Matta said...


SD said...

just want to say thank you to you. hope you can make a lot of money with this thing.

PH STREAM said...

@cahaya biru

before anything else, i would like thank you.
i would like to ask if how to change the color of the text in post area...because the text is not visible to all.

the slider are also not working, only two images are displayed & the rest aren't.

thank you cahaya for your time, i know your too busy to reply...i hope you can help me...

~Anubi ™ said...

Hi Cayaha, i have a question:
Why when i try to hide 'Slider', 'TABDIV', 'ABOUTME' e 'RANDOM' in static page with the strings:

#glidercontent {display:none;}
#main-wrapper {width:100%;}
#lpst {display:none;}

i don't succeed? What strings do i have to use? And how do that the static page rimain always open without 'readmore' button?

In particular, when i try to use '#myslides {display:none;}', remain this part '' visible on top of the page :S

Thantks for all your work.

Daniel said...

Hey is there some way to change the"gamezine, gamezine featured,etc." to what ever i want?

Darwin said...

Thank you very much this template is perfect! i used this template in my TV blog only i changed little for ads. check it out

a-team said...

nice template,.. i use this,..thanks

The Six Figure Code said...

Just the kind of stuff I was looking for. Thanks for this!

Barang Unik said...

nice info..thank you

Minneapolis Plumber said...

Great read. This exactly the kinda of information I've been looking for. I did a Google search for it and eventually lucked up and found this site. Great job!


thunder_boy23 said...

there is some problem with "PAGES". posts are displying well but pages are not displaying.

العاب بنات said...

thank u very much that's agreat template i used it in my new site

jhune said...

thanks for this template, and im sorry for the fully modification...

Anne said...

Hi! I'm using this now and it's really great! I just don't know how to make more than 3 posts show at the homepage... I already tried going to "Settings" and at "SHOW AT MOST" I chose 4, 5, 10, etc (and saved, of course), but still only 3 posts show...

Can you tell me what I did wrong?

Adi said...

Mas Cahaya biru,
saya pake template ini, tapi mengalami kesulitan dalam mengubah warna font di dalam recent post.

Warna font di recent post secara default berwarna biru tua yang menjadikan nya susah untuk dibaca.
Mohon pencerahan.

terima kasih

chatsquadsite said...

bro how to post with description and title? pelase help and thank you sir :)

chatsquadsite said...

hi sir im just want to know, how to remove the glider js in my html in blogger/ thanks.

13ieme said...

Having an issue with the featured Images ...glide ...they wont glide ...


Paul said...

Hello there cahaya biru... got some cool template here,actually this is my third time that i'm goona be changing theme for my site,finding which one that i would really feel.once i saw this template,i definitely know that this is the one i've been searching for and i think i'll finally rest with this template.Thanks a lot man.Keep up the Good work ^_^

tiffanys said...

So, it is completely acceptable in your circumstance to provide your rings a present touch, and get diamond rings to

dragonheart said...

hi cahaya,
i just want to know how to edit my post to video coz when i upload the video they are all automatic playing how can i solve it or can u give me some idea to solve this,instead of image i want video on my post.


chong tham said...

Cool plugins! Especially, NextGEN Gallery, love it.
I knew several new plugins after reading your post.
Thank alot for your great work

London Hotels said...

Just wanted to say that I read your blog quite frequently and I’m always amazed at some of the stuff people post here. But keep up the good work, it’s always interesting.

Anonymous said...

Pls pls uplaod the vedios how to change the glides becuz i haveing lots of problem by reading and doing.. and if u have alredy uploaded it then give the link in repley...... And i have become big fan of yours, the template is awesome and with the glide feature i was lookin for sooo many days... thanx a million of times

PunkGamerpr said...

Hi do you still help people with this template I'm trying to get the glider and slider to work to no avail I have change the host several times but it does not show any signs of working. They do partially but the pictures wont change. please help!

Miss Smithy said...

blog walking

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