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Zinmag Redux

The full versions of redux (based on the WP THEME) maybe is to complicated for some blogger, and they don't want to used it. Set these, set those, ohhh.... boring.... boring....:)

Based on that issue, I give you the Easy Versions of Redux. And I call it The Redux Version 2.

This Redux is Free.... no paypal account... or alike... However if you want to donate me, you can click donate button.... heheheheh.... hahahah :D


Just Upload the XML file.

Set The tabber
1. Go to Add page element
2. you will see 1 2 3
  • Number 1 is Feed Gadget; set the title, and fill in the form with your feeds address
  • number 2 is HTML Gadget. Use it for your own purpose
  • Number 3 is Label.

Customizing The Menu
1. go to Edit HTML,
2. find (Ctrl+F) this
3. change all that word with your targeted link address.
4. Then, change the SUB TITLE or GROUP TITLE which inline with your link .


see yaaaa.........


cebong ipiet said...

wkekekek diriku brasa di rumah nya jinsona...

tak posting ah..lagi males mikir diriku

cebong ipiet said...

This Redux is Free.... no paypal account... or alike... However if you want to donate me, you could c@#k my ads... :) heheheheh.... hahahah :D
halah karo ngguyu tapi serius..xixixix tak klik kotak komenmu ae

nunggu ijin buat posting ini..boleh kaga? I'm not illegal distributor hahaha

cutie said...

aku malah sibuk pesbukan *koyo abege ae*

Cahaya Biru Sphere said...

@Ipiet aka Cutie; silahkan... silahkan... Aku malah ga ngerti carane makai pesbuk.... :). nanti aku belajar ah. biar awet muda... :)

vuluganck said...

can u lead me how to creat "pager" for blogger?

Cahaya Biru said...

@vuluganck; what do you mean with the word "pager"?
can you explain more details about it?

vuluganck said...

ah that is like this :

preveous page 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,.... next page

Alert said...

Congrats Cahaya, I'll test this template now at my testing centre

How ever i'll wait for Zinmag Tribune from you :)

Keep up the good work.

subagya said...

Nice work bro, for your work hard to blogerized this template, accidentally i c@#k your ads huehueheuheuhe..... keep going dude and im still waiting for your original template :).

Cahaya Biru said...

@Vuluganck; I have sent you the page... so your question is answered.

@Alert; I'll try, but I heard that other converter launch it this week...
:).. Maybe, I'll wait him first...
Actually, I have converted it but there's some problems. And, I still can't find it. :).
By the way, thanks... :)

@Subagya; The original template from me... uh.uh..uh .. oh yeah... I'll try... :)
thanks dude.... :)

vuluganck said...

i have visited the site that you have sent for me.
But it is crashed, that code from that blog have a lot of error.
The "pager" did not work well even it appeared.

Cahaya Biru said...

@Vuluganck; have you put in the code in the right position??

I have tested the script in two blog of mine.
in first blog, it works find. because the first has alot number of post.

in the second blog, the pager didn't show anything, because the blog has small number of post.

So, maybe, the point is, the script works only if you have a lot number of post. let's say it... 50 post... :).
That's just my theory... :)

is Anybody want to share other info about it??
please, add it below... :)

vuluganck said...

Oh god your blog 's pager works very good , how can you do that?
I have done everything following the the instructions that you have sent to me.

I have a lot of posts , over 1000 posts but it did not work.

When I add code and finish, the pager appeared, but it worked very terible, you know when i click 5 , it jump to 10....

So sad!:(

order erectile dysfunction pills in UK said...

I have to be honest, there are some things that i could not understand but with a lot of hard i think next time i will be able do see things more clearly. Still great job.

vidx said...

file deleted

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