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Gamezine Tabber

This Writing is explaining about how to fill the tabber in gamezine template

Short Description

Description :

GameZine tabber is a menu with tab navigation, It is exactly below image slide or above post header. Please see the screenshot below.. Gamezine tabber consist three tab. First tab is for your ads 125x125px. Second tab is profile content. And the third tab is random post.

About gamezine tabber in add page element, you can see TABDIV gadget. There is hidden navigation, which you can click to fill the content of first, second, and third tab. See the image below….

Customizing Tabber Of Gamezine Template

First Content (SPONSOR)

The structure of first tab (Ads 125x125px) is :

<a href="YOUR-REFERRAL-LINK-HERE" rel="bookmark" title=""><img src="ADS-IMAGE-SOURCE-HERE" alt="" /></a> </li>
<a href="YOUR-REFERRAL-LINK-HERE" rel="bookmark" title=""><img src=" ADS-IMAGE-SOURCE-HERE " alt="" /></a> </li>
<a href="YOUR-REFERRAL-LINK-HERE" rel="bookmark" title=""><img src=" ADS-IMAGE-SOURCE-HERE " alt="" /></a> </li>
<li> <a href="YOUR-REFERRAL-LINK-HERE" rel="bookmark" title=""><img src=" ADS-IMAGE-SOURCE-HERE" alt="" /></a> </li>

Change the words
  • ADS-IMAGE-SOURCE-HERE with your ads image source
  • YOUR-REFERRAL-LINK-HERE with your referral link address

Second Tab Content

This second tab use HTML/Javascript Gadget. So you can fill it with our own description and manage it.

Third Tab Content (Featured post)

<div class="rblock">
<img src="YOUR-IMAGE-SOURCE-HERE" width="80" height="55" alt="" />
<h2><a href="YOUR-POST-LINK-HERE" title="HOVER-TITLE">YOUR POST TITLE</a></h2>
<div class="auth"> MM-DD-YY</div>

Change all the words :

  • YOUR-IMAGE-SOURCE-HERE with your own source image
  • YOUR-POST-LINK-HERE with your post link location
  • HOVER-TITLE with your short description
  • YOUR POST TITLE with your post title
  • MM-DD-YY with date of post
We recommend this for max 4 featured post.

After your own change

for first content
1. Go to Add page element
2. you'll see tabdiv title (This for first content)

3. then press edit
4. paste your changing in HTML/ javascript box.
5. save it

for second content

  1. click hidden navigation (click that blank area, in the middle position)
  2. you'll see About me
  3. press edit
  4. paste your change (second content) into it
  5. save it

for third content

  1. click third navigation (the blank area in the right position)
  2. you'll see ranlist
  3. paste your change (third content) into it
  4. save it

Have a nice try....


dadz said...

thank's for template...

Asian VIP said...

thanks friend

i need submit some ur templates on my blog
Plz join my Group.

TimboTombo said...

I dont know what do you mean with "Edit HTML/Javascript Gadget".

R4mmstein said...

this is the best template i seen..
but i wish to change a thing!!ok..
i want change the tabber to after the Post "lastest news" but i cant change...can you help me??


Anonymous said...


But if I want to not use this feature, how can i remove it?

Michael said...

thank you very much... excelent my friends.. btw, we are same from indonesia.. "salam kenal ya... jalan2 juga ke blogku.. soalnya templatenya pake template dari mas... makasih"

Kevin said...

Just wanna ask something about this tab div, I would like to change the "About Us" and "Sponsors" display into something else as it is only a blog and there isn't any 'sponsors' so I would like to know how do I change it from displaying as such.

Special K said...

hi which java script file runs the tabber?

Anonymous said...

koq di tab ketiganya ga bisa kolom2an sih?
saya udah coba buat 4, tapi ga ada yang nempatin bagian kiri. mohon bantuannya.
ini blog saya:

terima kasih... :)

ADMIN said...

Tabber Div isn't working on my template :( nor on your demo page :(

Game-Zine said...

how can i change the title like it says about us but i want it to be news how can i do that? ty!

Anonymous said...

Can i just completely remove the random news,about us and sponsors??

Thanks ya!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
me_cool_stranger said...

Can you plz. If possible then plz. email me otherwise leave a comment on how to remove TABDIV bar from the template and also how to add the button "Add a Gadget" in featlist.
Thanks in advance

Errorz said...

Hey this is the best template I've seen bar none! the only thing I want to ask though is how can I change the parts that say "gamezine" into my sites name?

Lucy said...

Go to blogger, EDIT LAYOUT, EDIT HTML, find all JPG files and save them to your computer. Now, using a image editor like GIMP or Photoshop, edit the images to display your website name or whatever it is you want them to show. Upload them again to your own host, go back to the EDIT HTML option and change all the files with your own images addresses. And you are done!

I do have question: is it possible to add another tab to these lines? Before SPONSORS or after RANDOM NEWS?

JF said...

i want to put adsense in the filds.
can you help me?

Cahaya Biru said...

@JF; If your adsense is a targeted link, you have to convert the code to entity. Find the web that give service to convert HTML to entities.

Get your adsense code, then convert. After that, place the code ,after convert, into your template.

Cahaya Biru said...

@Lucy; yes it is possible. But, You have to adjust the size of the tab. Let say, there is 4 tabs. So, the mainpost area have to divided by 4 .

Find the CSS that relating with tab. Then add more section in Tab HTML.

OK. Have a nice blogging.

Embajadores de Cristo said...

hola como estan es una buena plantilla pero tengo un problema en la seccion 3, no vi este manual de como poner un anuncio pues y coloque uno en esa imagen con una seccion muy grande y ahora no me Permite modificar porfavor si alguien sabe como hacerlo se los agradecere, ademas ya eh eVisado elcodigo HTML principi de una aleta y nada que encuentro una solucion, este es mi blog, es la seccion 3 ..

Uploads by Owning said...

how can I put google adsense at sponsors tab? thanks

Uploads by Owning said...

hello I have a problem, my post links its yellow (this is ok) but the Sponsor links is gray, where I change the link color at sponsor? see at "Links Atualizados" at

thanks and nice template

xGaming said...

hello i was just wondering if there is anyway to get the first tab the SPONSOR one to displaye up to four in a row because when i put them all in i three in the top and then the fourth in the bottom and it looks ugly as hell >.< i currently have the code thats supposed to be for the random news put on there but if u can help me get this fixed i will change it !

my site is

thank you for your help!

xGaming said...

my site has changed it is now

Cahaya Biru said...

@Uploads; Get the adsense code from, then paste into the the gadget OK.

@Uploads; Find this in LAYOUT -- EDIT HTML

.widgets a {
color: #222;
text-decoration: none;

change the color code #222 , any color code that you want.

@xgaming; I did not see anything in your site.

Cahaya Biru said...

Go to LAYOUT -- EDIT HTML -- Expand Widget Template
find this code #sponsor
after that, change it with #random.
Save your templates.

xGaming said...

thank you for you help!

Cahaya Biru said...

@xgaming; Sorry, you have to change this also.
find <div class="sponsor"> with <div class="ranlist">

after that, save your template. OK

xGaming said...

damm im sitll having problems >< check my site now and see how the sponsors are thats how i wanted them but i want to fit all 4 in one row ive had before but then it goes bak like this idk why :[

Cahaya Biru said...

@xgaming; I see your blog and your sponsor images are 4 in one row. You have done great modification. Great.

xGaming said...

really? they show as 3 in a row and then one at the bottom with me :[

xGaming said...

btw thx for for the great modification comment ^^

xGaming said...

ehhh it shows 4 in a row in a different comp maybe its just the comp at work ~.~ thx!!!

Ashish said...

there is no fox tab to edit.please help.

nooBBGodlike said...

How to change the word "sponsor","about us", "random news".
There no jpg file i search for this one.
Also why my search function seems not function as it must be?I search for "one of my post title " and it will always point to index.
How to delete this function i just wanna change it with google search gadget.

my blog

:: g3n :: said...


How can I remove this from my templates??

jordan said...

hi, can you help me see why my "about us" is no longer click to display? but is always appeared on the page? thanks in advance.

Jody said...

I really would like to change the About US and Sponsers section to pull post from a specific cat. but not sure how to do that.

Also if anyone wants to take that section out all together just delete the tabs.php and it will do it.

Jody said...

Also some of my pages links at the top are lower than others. I know the ones that are lowered are ones that are links to outside pages. Is there a way to fix this?

JavaFizh said...

@cahaya : kk File rar JS nya kok didownload hasilnya rusak?? tolong kirim ke emailku ya >> <<


Ddmulyadi said...


DSM_ said...

wow thanxx alot man
i was unable to do it before reading this

Jean [ADM] said...

não está funcionando nem no seu template de demonstração.....

noorholic said...

thx brother,,, gw pake template loe.. keren,,, sebenernya gw udah lama punya nih template tapi yg versi wordpress..

o ya, bos ada efeknya nih,, blognya jadi berat,, kayanya nih efek file js-nya..
kira2 ada tips gx bro biar bisa enteng?? makasih...

bisa di cek di

Gekko Hacker said...

How to keep js files in blogger

InSide IT said...

hello, how input lightbox in this template?

TOXITEK said...

How can I make the 'Random' content to appear as the 'Sponsors' one? With the 4 125x125 images on it?

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