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Gamezine Slide Show

This Writing is explaining about how to fill the content of Slider In Gamezine Template

Short Description

Image slide is a link with thumbnails picture. In this Gamezine, the image size is 160px height and 110px width and the position is above TABDIV or below Content Glider.

HTML Structures Of Slider

<div class="panel">
<a href="YOUR-LINK-ADDRESS-HERE" title="HOVER-TITLE-HERE" > <img src="IMAGE-SOURCE-ADDRESS-HERE" width="160" height="110" alt="HOVER-IMAGE-HERE"/> </a>

(Please do not change or modify the red texts, even it is a quote symbol)

Please, Change the word :
  • YOUR-LINK-ADDRESS-HERE with your post link address in your blog.
  • IMAGE-SOURCE-ADDRESS-HERE with your image source address
  • HOVER-IMAGE-HERE with your own short description

After changing all words with your own post link, source, and hover description; please read the following steps :
  1. Copy your changing.
  2. Go to page element
  3. You’ll see Slide Gadget
4. Now, press edit
5. Paste your code into the Gadget box
6. Save it,

In addition, If you need to add more content, two, three or etc, you just need to copy-paste another structure under the previous content. After copying, then, make the change that needed.
You can edit this in word processor, notepad, or alike.


un filozof necunoscut said...

how do i complete remove this thing from the template? can you help me? i don`t like this :D and i want that the news squares to be a little big...can you tell me what to do? pls

Cahaya Biru said...

@un filozof; wow... well done, you have modified gamezine. now, you need to modify the mpost.jpg picture, so that it will fit into 617px width, the size that you have set.

also... you need to increase the "postmet.jpg" to become 617px width.

you can use any software that can do image resize.

However, please remember, the image height also can change. If it change...
find this CSS code for "postmet.jpg"

.postinfo {

change it with your new "postmet.jpg" size.

:)... thanks for using the templates...

bbx said...

I do exactly like you said, but the slide only show me 2 images... like the example "", how can i put in the slide more images?? i undestand that the maximun is 12.

Anonymous said...

that's also my problem, try to visit my blog and you can see that there are only 2 pictures slide.. :( and another, how can i change GAMEZINE to CLICK THE MOVIE? example: gamezine tv to clickthemovie tv?? can i do that?? pls help me.... thanks u so much!!

Anonymous said...

pls cahaya biru.. i really like this template... please!! this is the most perfect template for my blog!!! pls help me.. i want to customize this template for my blog.. help me change gamezine to clickthemovie, and how can i put about me?? please cahaya.. help me... thank u so mcuH!!!!!!!!!

Wim Van Goethem said...

I do everything you say but i only get two images and no arrows on the side. And how can you change the word GAMEZINE to something else? Plz help.

Btw great work!

A.M.Garrido said...

Hy! I have the same problems that bbx, wazzupweb and Wim Van Goethem. SOS PLEASE!

Cahaya Biru said...

@AM Garrido; I've seen your blog... the problems is because the javascripts is not installed. Please go to this page to get the JS files. If you need explanation about the installation, the page also explain about it. :) have a nice blogging ... :)

bless said...

Olá,por favor me ajude ,hospedei todos os arquivos .js no dropbox, e as imagens também.Montei o exemplo do slide,mas sumiram as setas para deslize e minha pg só fica mostrando isto:
" no content exists at page 1!Loading 1 st page instead.".
O que fiz de errado?
(Obs não achei lugar para colocar o link do arquivo "jquery.js" no código do template,somente os outros,seria isso?)
Desde ja te agradeço

Games Information said...

Thank Brother. It's very helpfull.
And i have tried it to my blog :

Link download said...

thanks for sharing , nice post

Nora Cortazar said...


Anonymous said...

hai cahaya.
Can i get the slide picture from my posting pic's? Like the head news of my post. please reply..sorry for my poor english.

M.S. said...

can you please tell me how to add just the slider with it's script in a different template? I really like your slideshow but i can't figure out what to copy out of the template code...

i would really appreciate it cause it would change the whole look of my blogger site..

denny said...

I using ur template, thanx! said...

fantastic job!!! and congratualations man!!!
i'm learning a lot

greetings (from Argentina)

Hendra K said...

how about if I want to create Slide widget, in the blogspot, but there is no slide widget,

could you tell me the script, that I should put in the Edit HTML for creat the Slide Widget

thank you,

Anonymous said...

I want to put the slider and the tabs below the posts but I am unable to do so.Please

...:: Badan Dakwah dan Ibadah | said...

syukran ya sodiq !!!

blackhawk said...

I want to be seen only game pics in a post on the main page,plzhelp!!!!What to do???

blackhawk said...

how to put more than two images in slider & glider
help pls!!!!!!!!!!

NetMax said...

Thalaiva (meaning hero).. template is supper... thanks alot for sharing "free" .. I have done almost successfully for my blog... But cannot get left right slider button image displayed.. "missing or dont find the mistake"... kindly advise... thanks in advance.

d'Razor said...

pls help to add slide widget like your own in the demo screen . can you help me pls give me how by give me a code html !! , and how to add more than two image in slider !! , help plsss ! i'm very need that. u can send me sms in 08385430500 or visit my blog in

ADER said...

glide slide tab stopped working we have to reup the files java script?
please you can put a tutorial where upar js files
and where to include the html template
everyone with this problem

NetMax said...

Hi its my second request, could you kindly check my site and advise to me that why i am not able to get slider's left & right panel and where is my mistake? please help!

Also, please let me know If you could implement or have a script for automated top visited blog listing in "TOP 5 OF THIS WEEK" tab (instead of linking posts manually everytime?)

@rop_Ardi said...

Great.. template. but more difficult to make change

kartikey said...

@Cahaya Biru
how do i add more i am unable to add more images
into the slider
if i copy to three times or more it only shows two
you can see my blog
my email is please send mail to me if anyone can solve this problem.

Kaoru said...

How can I place the arrows in the middle of the gallery? I mean, on the image.


all-is-well said...


Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me how to change the arrow images right and left.
The url of the images is this one:

But i can't find them in the codes or the js.
pls tell me!

Jean [ADM] said...

link das imagens estao quebrados concerta ae

Jean [ADM] said...

eu descobri como muda o link das imagens que estão quebradas.

marque a caixa expandir modelos de widgets, então procure o link que é a seta para esquerda e substitua por

Procure que é a seta para direita e substitua por

quem quiser me agradecer envie um email para :D

I figured out how to change the link of the images are broken.

tick the expand widget templates box, then look for the link: What is left arrow and replace with:

Search: What is the right arrow and replace with:

I want to thank those who send email to :D

bhebhethartz layouts said...

@Jean thank you for sharing.. I've been getting crazy figuring out why the arrows arent appearing on both ends of the slider.. thanks so much!! how did they figured this out! oh thanks so much for posting

azadfaleel said...

hi cahaya!i've added images for the image slider you have provided successfully. but the arrow bottons in the slider to move the images don't appear. please can you help!!! my blog site is

maxshinoda said...

Thanks Jean[ADM] for the slider button

The Meme Initiative said...

Hi azadfaleel, you should refer to Jean [ADM]'s post (on May 5th, right above) for answers to your enquiries towards the broken arrows (pun intended).

Hi Jean [ADM],
Thanks for your help. I've indeed email you to thank you personally.

Vihan said...

Plz..plz...plz..tell me how to put this slide show to my blogger posts.

Hidayat || Hackers said...

nice alll

Arief-Movies said...

Please help me...
My slider didn't work...
can you help me...

En720P said...

Hi cahaya. Is there anyway of copy the slide show in other template? Please, because i really need it.

obat kuat said...

ok makasih bro.....

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