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Black Out... Script Blocked

I know this problem will come. Actually, that problem is not by me. But from the Jinsona Design itself. Jinsona want to maintain his bandwidth and it is excusable. Consequently, all template that I have converted which use Jinsona script is all blocked. Luckly, it is just the script, but not the image.

Eventhough the script could be viewed by your browser, you could not use it in your blog. To solve that problems, I give you my free hosting which use


First of all you need to find a web that facilitating javascript hosting. After that upload the template JS files. Below is the structure of using javascript third party in blogger.

HTML of the Script:
<script type="text/javascript" src="YOUR-HOSTING-JS-FILES-ADDRESS"></script>
Example:<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

Change the word :
YOUR-HOSTING-JS-FILES with your Javascript Location.
You could edit this in word processor, notepad or alike.
Go to LAYOUT -- Edit HTML -- no need to expand widget tempate.

find this:

Below that code you will see JS script files.

Replace all the codes .

Example :

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

<script type="text/javascript" src="YOUR-JS-ADDRESS"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="YOUR-JS-ADDRESS"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="YOUR-JS-ADDRESS"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="YOUR-JS-ADDRESS"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="YOUR-JS-ADDRESS"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="YOUR-JS-ADDRESS"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="YOUR-JS-ADDRESS"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="YOUR-JS-ADDRESS"></script>


SORRY, MY GEOCITIES, Data transfer limit exceeded

Please Download this GAMEZINE JS Files and Upload it
Click Here (DOWNLOAD)
after download, read guide about how to install javascript third party

Please Download this FUTURA JS Files and Upload it


Please Download this REDUX JS Files and Upload it

We have included the files... you need to upload it

I have included the files in package..... you need to upload it.


Sir john said...

Thx alot for sharing this with us!!! I was wondering why the template sundently give me some trouble!!! Great job and it's very nice from you that you've post about it very fast :)

Laercio said...

thx for the quick fix

kennedy said...

cahaya i realise at first your address had but now it is only does it mean it is no more a blog? how can i get my address to be like that. and please when are u releasing the scarlet template? will it also have the jinsona problems..?


Cahaya Biru said...

@John and Laercio; you're welcome.

@kennedy; to get .com, you have to order it. Many web offer .com, find the best for you. About Scarlett template ... , :)....

Cebong Ipiet said...

kerja keras yho Pak kekekekkeke....i get two order, it's easier but more money haha

Alan said...

Why didn't you just write a simple tutorial how upload the js file themselves? The original content (by jinsona) is still there. Nothing to tweak, just save the files onto the computer->>upload->>change links. Simple

qassam said...

how about GAMEZINE template? plz xplain

Cahaya Biru said...

@Cebong; Iya kerja keras... sa'no aku bong.... ga tego. Semoga Orang-orang jadi bersemangant lagi. Kemudian, earning jadi bertambah dan trafik naik.

@Alan; Thank You for your advice. :)

qassam said...

hello..i was upload javascript Files at blog still erorr..why? plz help me (my glider picture still not working)
i used GAMEZINE template said...

@Qassam; have you uploaded all files correctly...? Saya baru lawat ke blog anda. Tapi, qassam masih memakai script dari web2feel. Karena itulah, sebabnya, glider picture tidak muncul ke web.

Mudah aja upload ke javascripthost itu. register, cari menu create.js, lalu
beri nama script, pilih server 1 atau 6.

kemudian, open file js gamezine. Secara satu per satu, copy - paste ke dalam box....
one save, create again, second save, create again untill eight of them.

Saya harap penjelasan ini bisa memberi pemahaman kepada Qassam.


Cebong Ipiet said...

hehehhehe... kerja kerasmu sebanding xixixixi...chayo... Im so tired

Asmaa said...

Thanks for the fix , but the scroll is not fixed the featured artist box got fixed . any reason?
appriciate your help preview here>>>

Rubber Duck said...

Thanks for the quick fix.

kennedy said...

what the cheapest offer i can get? how do i pay and is it monthly or yearly payment? u still dint say nufn abt the scarlet template.

Cafe Handmade said...

@Asmaa; I have checked yours... When I open your script address...
I got this in my browser...
Not Found
The requested URL /downloads/js/stepcarousel.js was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

looks like your hosting is exceeded.

@Kennedy; Find any web service, You'll see the price. Try to register freely. Use to learn... it is very useful. After you can master it, you can buy your own domain.... with any service; paypal, visa, or alike.

About Scarlett... :)...

Carlos said...

I already uploaded the files of the Forex Press template, but still not working ....!! In firefox works correctly in IE and Opera doesnt!

Can you help me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!! LOL

Many Thanks


qassam said...

makasih ya..

RevFisk said...

Hey man,

Love the work you're doing, but I'm having some trouble.

Script addresses work, but there's no hover on the glider and no sliding on the slider? Any thoughts?

Thanks for your time. You're a busy guy!

Cahaya Biru said...

@RevFisk; Your superfish and hover script is broken. check it. change it with the better one.

Wesley said...

i did everything you saying but when i am tryng to edit the html it says ''XML: The value of attribute "src" associated with an element type "null" must not contain the '<' character.''

Cahaya Biru said...

@wesly; you have to type a right HTML composition of the codes.

Wesley said...

The glider is not showing the short description part whatever i type in:

, ...(HERE)

it does not show up
my blog is here

thanks anyway
you template is amazing

wazzupweb said...

i dont get it.. where can i upload the js files? i tried to upload it in javascript host but it says that there's an error. i should rename it but i cant... pls help me.. :) thank u!!

wazzupweb said...

waaaahh!!! my template is working perfectly now!! thank u soooooooooo mcuh!!!!!!!! pls check my blog .. its so cool!!! but wait.. how can i change GAmezine to clickthemovie? pls... :)

Cahaya Biru said...

@Wazzup; Gamezine header such as gamezine video, gamezine featured use image. You need to edit it in photoshop or alike....

@wesley; please read the gamezine guide relating with glider again.... after (glide meta) you need to type "short description..."

I have seen your blog, but you did not add any short description in there.

|:. Soldier .:| said...

Great if it all works now complete, but what are the aspects that should be displayed, just the glider, the slider, the tabs and what else?


Cahaya Biru said...

@Soldier; About any aspects of the gamezine, actually, it is for premium service. And, that is not relating with script anymore. But, it is relating with CSS style, about wmode video setting and z-index which need special skill to know it.

But, don't worry, I will tell it for visitors next month, April. No premium cost needed ... :)

Bloggofrénico said...

Thanks, Cahaya. Muchas gracias. !!!!!

Ryanfoland said...

Just for future reference, I have not closed down my server,

Cahaya Biru said...

@Ryanfoland; Thank You Ryan... ... great.... :)

Admin said...

Mas Daru man...just input aja nih. saya rasa ada baiknya juga kalo mas Daru mentranslate pula untuk "Read Me" pada setiap template in Indonesian version. so the comment box tidak terlalu penuh dengan same question. (Karena kotak komentar cukup bantu, tapi kalo sering ada pertanyaan yang sama sampai 3 atau 5 box comment BT juga ngelihatnya.)

hee...jangan marah ya mas...

satu lagi nih mas, berarti template dari mas Daru ini dah lepas dari Jinsona donk? ini berarti template tsb tdk bermasalah lagi sperti..yang lalu ? Great Job Mas...Patut dihargai nih kerja kerasnya

Abid said...

where to upload js files.
I tried its saying
There were problems with the following fields:

Name can't be blank
Src Missing beginning of metadata header: // ==UserScript==

can u upload in any other site
plz help me Cahaya Biru

greegel said...

me too.....
am looking for a webhosting
i tried to upload the files to googlepage
but it does'nt work for the new sing ups
do you knew a web site to upload this files
and thankssssss a lottttt

Greegel said...

where are you Cahaya Biru
helpppp !!

Samara said...

Thank you for leading me to this page. I've tried uploading to I have the same problem with Abid. Please help us fix this problem. Thank you~

Do you know any other sites where we can upload js?

Cahaya Biru said...

@Greegel and Samara; you could use Because have already been closed.

Abid said...

Thanx a lot cahaya .Its working .U rock
my blog
@all guys any want those js links ??????

Abid said...

its not working its fine for 2 days
will I have to upload like this forever or is there any soltuion for this
plz help cahaya

Cahaya Biru said...

@Abid; Abid, geocities has limit bandwidth... 4.2MB per hours....
please, check or change your geocities... :)

Cahaya Biru said...

@Abid; oh yes.... please, do not share your bandwidth, because it has limitation....OK... :)

Abid said...

I have uploaded to hpage site
but no use same problem there
I haven't shared with any one
I deleted the old js files and reuploaded them in geocities

plz help in getting that sliding effect I'll be very much thank full

plz email me cahaya biru to fix the problem

and I"m not getting my header image too I didn't do anything but all runied

Abid said...

I have uploaded to too
but still having the same problem

Cahaya Biru said...

@Abid; I have checked your blog... your problem is about the scripts... please find another webhosting instead of ripway ...

Abid said...

can u plz tell me some web hosting site plz

Abid said...

cahaya plz add me
I want to talk to u plzzzzzz
I'm ur fan

Abid said...

plz reply cahaya biru
plz tell me what would be the problem
I have uploaded to many js hosting sites

LastZ said...

i've uploaded the JS file and done replacing the script...

all works well, just that the picture cant change when i press the arrow button. (i got 3 pictures)

any idea, what should i do?

IlPrincipino89 said...


Please find the error on the javascript code because don't work.
Share here the file .txt: and paste code.txt

Please please please... Thank you

sasi said...

i uploaded the files to media fire.
and i replaced the codes too but the problem continues
i like gamezine very much and i need it
please help me pleseeeeeeeeeee
please please pleaseeeee

denny yusuf said...

Ass. mas, mau tanya, koq slide saya keluarnya gambar cuman 2 y?? js nya udah aq instal.
gimana mz???
nb: template nya bagus bgt,thx for mas cahaya biru. This is my favorite.

Joker said...

Hey Cahaya Biru,

i totally love your templates. They are awesome! But i have a problem, could you say me pls where i can upload the JS Files.

My Blog:
Its a german blog so you wont understand it :D.
My e-mail:
Pls Say me where I can upload them

Ray Ng said...

I uploaded the NEW js files, changed the url, and it still DOES NOT WORK.

Glider + Slider DONT WORK.

Ray Ng said...

Even your preview demo one doesn't work. WTF? Should have seen that before I downloaded anyway.

J Esco said...

Hi, Cahaya,

I have followed your slider/glider instructions with no fix. I have uploaded javascript host files and all. Please assist.

Cahaya Biru said...

@J esco; Hi J, could you send me your template??

Mongo said...

Hi Cahaya,

I've enjoyed the scripting as well but ran into the same issue with the hosting. Can you take a look and see why I'm having trouble with the slider and glider and tabs?

Cahaya Biru said...

@mongo; looks like, your javascript hosting address are incorrect. If it in google site, just take it the address. Please do not make any deletion in the address. ok...

SpiTFiRe said...

i got my problem to... i has upload the new js file.. but when i change the script that link to that file... it doesnt work... plz take a look at thi blog... tq cahaya

admin said...

Cahaya Biru i really cant get this to work...could you please blog is

admin said...

Thanks a ton Cahaya Biru.. i eventually got it to work..check it out

SpiTFiRe said...

really need ur help... still cannot do anything to fix that pro...

cahaya plz email me at

Ashish said...

images of slider and glider had gone out of there place.see my blog it will help you understand,"".
plese help.

Alvaro Torres said...

I have a problem with the slider, please check my blog.

mirvin said...

sorry java scripts nya tabber nya kok ga bisa napa ya ?

BINTANG said...

Bang bayu ko tiba-tiba template gamezine blog saya eror.
Dibagian header tiba-tiba gambarnya jadi putih.
Terus dibagian glider content gambarnya ga bisa digerakin.

Itu kira2 knapa ya maz??
Trus saya udah coba seperti yang Bang Bayu ajarin di atas dengan mengganti hosting javascriptnya tapi tetep aja ga jadi. (waktu itu saya gunain

Biar lebih jelasnya tentang kerusakan blog saya, Bang Bayu coba kunjungi blog saya di

Tolong ya Bang..


BINTANG said...

Ko header template gamezine blog saya tiba2 berubah jadi warna putih dan glider contentnya pun jadi macet.

Saya dah coba cara yang Abang jelaskan di atas.
Tp tetep aja ga bisa.

Ini alamat blog saya

Mohon bantuannya Bang..


harshalizee said...

Ok! I have a huge problem here! I keep getting an error message EVERY 10 SECONDS!! I did everythingon here and it works but with the extra error message.

L@rtiFici3r said...


I got a big problem. I hosted my 8 javascript files et it still doesn't work. The slider doesn't move... I'm on wordpress. Please, tell me what I am missing :(

All Your Games said...

getting an error messages each 10 seconds also.
The arrows for the image slider doesnt appear. Im using the script I found exactly on this page.

Anonymous said...

same here.



gamerbusted said...

but how? i downloaded this javascript files for gamezine template an where i must upload them?

Anonymous said...

but how? i downloaded files for gamezine template and where i must upload them?

gamerbusted said...

and last question:how can i change "gamezine tv" , "gamezine featured" and etc.?

Hunter said...

gamezine TV and Featured are images that are hosted on another site, you will have to create your own images and upload the in their place.

gamerbusted said...

gamezine TV and Featured are images that are hosted on another site, you will have to create your own images and upload the in their place.

i will do it potoshop. but where i must upload this images? i find nothing in edit html :S

gamerbusted said...

hey someone reply me plz. when i change gamezine TV and Featured headers, where i must upload them>?

chris41336 said...

I can't get this to work, but I have my JavaScripts uploaded and in my HTML. Here's a link: Thanks in advanced.

Neo Games Agua Verde said...

Please take a look at my blog, I can't seem to understand what I'm doing wrong! :S I've replaced the codes, and the images on Glider still don't spin x_x

svenramos said...

lo logre solo miren el de alguien que lo haya hecho y comparenlo con el suyo estoy seguro que eso bastara.... I DO,READy

Kildahr said...


Hiya, I've been trying to get the scripting for the widgets to work for 4 hours straight now, any ideas?

I'm using this site to host the JavaScript files;

When I go to look for the URL to copy/paste, I get these;


I copy/paste into the " " as shown in the example, but none of the widgets end up working.

Thanks in advance,


verde said...

^^ wow nice, i read magazine updated, n then i understand why i have to upload download javascript from u after i read this notification
well done ^^ thx, its priceless for me ^^
anyway, u are welcome to my site ^^
thx a lot!ganbate kudasai!

––––•(-•(¯`·._.Ðậrʞέşt._.·´¯)•-)•–––– said...

well... man it, was hard but i fixe it!!! i gaot some trouble yet, but i sopussed that i can fix too. thanks anyway!! you template it,s awesome

vakanismo el tema pana, te la comite!!! ;)

Jaleesa Dorsey said...

Yeah! I got the slider to work after following your instructions but now when I view my website I get a popup that says: No content exists at page 1! Load 1st page instead.
What does this mean and how do I fix it?

Jaleesa Dorsey said...

Never mind, I just found out that once you fill in the 'Glider Content' section that popup goes away.

Jaleesa Dorsey said...

@Kildar - Just upload the java files to it's free and they email you the link + HTML code. Then match the each java file to it's equivalent, by title, in your HTML code.

Sorry if i'm stealing your thunder a bit Cashayabiru, but made this mistake too and fixed in less than 4 hours, LOL :}

Ryanfoland said...

It's Ryan again (Foland). Formerly I was the registrant of, and ran a free service for thousands of individual people. Although mostly bloggers, those users could upload, edit, comment on, and download javascript files. I intended to update the already feature-full site with a vast majority of earnest updates and new features... but my host could no longer support the bandwidth JavaScriptHost was consuming (even though they claimed UNLIMITED data transfer / bandwidth / and disk space).

As soon as 'we' can negotiate for our domain back, 'we' are buying 2 private dedicated servers. I plan to revive javascripthost with new features such as a more equipted javascript code in-browser creator, design improvements, similar script finder and a whole variety of preset search functions to find uploaded javascript files (if the uploader marks their file as public) based on effect, code strings etc. More features such as profile customizations (jsh mini-social network) will be implemented. Hopefully not only will it be a website to upload javascript, but a website where a community of web designers, code publishers, and bloggers can commute information and files, all the while keeping up to date with others. The full plan will be released proceeding the attainment of the domain "".

~Anubi ™ said...

It works great! Thx

Muhammed Dani Rusdan said...

maaf ne mw nanya.
ko glide pnya sya g jalan ia??
mhon bantuannya.

shakthi said...


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