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This day I would like to launch EPSILON ALPHA Blogger Template. EPSILON is from WP THEME, Designed by Jinsona Designs.
This template is suitable for any niche. The layout is stylish and dynamic contents elements are built into it.


Name : EPSILON ALPHA Blogger Template
Description: Original from WP THEMES

Designer : Jinsona Design
First Date released : 30 January 2009

Converter to Blogger
Name :
URL : (This Blog)
First Date released : 11 March 2009

Features :
  1. Multi-level drop-down javascript navigation menu.
  2. Featured post section with javascript gallery
  3. Site wide customizable 125 x 125 banner ads.
  4. Site wide customizable 468 x 60 adsense banner.
  5. Customizable 468 x 60 adsense banner on inner pages.
  6. Featured video section
  7. Customizable About me section
  8. Thumbnail images with auto crop.
  9. Widgetized sidebar.
  10. Tabbed contents
This Template has been tested and passed in this following browser :
  • IE 6 , running well but flash image in tags cloud won't show.
  • Opera 9.0, running well
  • Mozilla 2.xx, running well


1. Change the Header image:
  • Go to LAYOUT -- Edit HTML -- No need to expand widget Template
  • find (CTRL+F this) :

  • Then replace it with your own image address.

2. Change Navigation Title:
  • Go To LAYOUT -- Edit HTML -- No need to expand widget
  • find (CTRL+F) this :
<ul class='tabnav'>

  • below that code you will see like this:

<li class='pop'><a href='#video'> Recent Post </a></li>
<li class='fea'><a href='#tags'> TAGS </a></li>
<li class='rec'><a href=' #popular'> Comments</a></li>

  • After that, you could change the navigation title Recent Post , TAGS , or Comments
  • Save your template

  • Find (CTRL+F) this :

  • Then, replace that words with your own title ID. Example: CahayaBirusSphere

4. Customize The Featured Post
the featured post is below the Slider text with Image
Here is the HTML Structure of reatured post


<div class="fentry">

&nbsp;<a href="YOUR-FEATURED-POST-LINK-LOCATION">Read More &rarr;</a></p></div>

Example content of featured section :

<h2><a href="" title="Mumbai Mayhem">Mumbai Mayhem</a></h2>

<div class="fentry">

<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Quisque sed felis. Aliquam sit amet felis. Mauris semper, velit semper laoreet dictum, quam diam dictum urna, nec placerat elit nisl in quam. Etiam augue pede, molestie eget, rhoncus at, convallis ut, eros. Aliquam pharetra. Nulla in tellus eget odio sagittis blandit. Maecenas at nisl. Nullam lorem mi, eleifend a, fringilla vel, semper at, ligula. Mauris eu wisi. Ut ante dui, aliquet nec, congue non, accumsan sit amet, lectus. Mauris et mauris. Duis sed massa id mauris pretium venenatis. Suspendisse cursus velit vel ligula. Mauris elit. Donec neque. Phasellus nec sapien quis pede facilisis suscipit. Aenean quis risus sit amet eros volutpat ullamcorper. Ut a mi. Etiam nulla. Mauris interdum.
&nbsp;<a href="">Read More &rarr;</a></p></div>

5. Image Slider with Teaser text (click here)
6. Lava lamp and Cat menu (click here)


Cebong Ipiet said...

mas mas tulung ya script nya dipindah xixixixi...apa mau di hosting saya saja yg masih nganggur ituh...15GB

Cebong Ipiet said...

ndang dibikin term of use nya, ntar tak nyonto, sama kasih gini yg distribute jangan nebeng link :D

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john said...

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ndyteen said...

scriptnya slider dong mas...hehehe

sedang dalam pencarian nie

Arnab said...

Plz Upload It..

Anonymous said...

site with demo after very looong loading, breaks connection :(

Anonymous said...

Good posting! more professional web templates at its a easy download.

FLiT said...

i like this template very much. thanks
can i ask!? how do i edit hte content of the comment widget? in domtab area? hope u would answer me. thanks

Cahaya Biru said...

@Flit; please read the Epsilon Guide, no. 2 above... ...
Enjoy the epsilon and have a nice blogging..... :)

ayman said...

is it comes with google adsense on it ????
why and for who ??
and can we fix it and put our google adsense ?

FLiT said...

biru: that's not what i mean.. just ignore my stupid question. anyway i modified some part of it -->

Cahaya Biru said...

@AYMAN; yes, ayman. You can change it with your own adsense code....

find this tag
<div class='ad1'> this for adsense inside the post

<div class='headbanner'> for adsense next to header

and adsense code after the slider.... for 728x15 adsense link... :)

Then get your adsense code. After that, convert that code to entities... replace my adsense code... :)

that's all... :)

@FLIT; wow.... the your slider background is great. The left-right panel also... wow.... very nice...

ayman said...

thx alot for you help
i really cant understand how to convert the code to entities
causw i dont know what entities mean
forgive me plz i'm new with all that
and ur templats are all amazing
thx again

Cahaya Biru said...

@Ayman; you can go to this address to convert your adsense code..

Pabouch said...

Hello Cahaya Biru, i'm very interested in your work and thanx for that. I just wonder how to get the thumbnail with auto crop thing you talk about and how do you do to have the overlapping effect with your image! it'll be very cool to share it with us thanx again!

Bill Reichart said...

Question about your template in IE7 and 8...the width of the body goes out of whack to the header...any thought on how to correct that?


Bill Reichart said...

Love your only question is that with IE7 and 8, the body of the template goes proportionately out of whack with the header...any thoughts about how this might be corrected?

You can view my site here in IE7 or 8...

Bill Reichart said...

I am still trying to figure out why this template doesn't look good in IE7 and 8...any thoughts on how to fix the formatting issues with it???

Bill Reichart said...

Oh, I should say that I am using your template at

"Ajaxtorm" Antony said...

Thanks a lot. I really wanted this theme after I saw it in the WP section and I am downloading it. :)
Can I ask you a silly question?
How does the tag cloud function? I mean- how does words appear there? Do we have to edit that too?

Please help.

Ajith Antony said...

Thank you for this template. I chose this template for my blog; check it out if you have time. And your social bookmarking tips were great too. A thousand thanks for that.
I have a question. Please help me: I want to increase the number of miniposts that shows up in the main page. Can you tell me the method please?

Abu H@fidz said...

thx pisan kang !

iZenMaster said...

Hey thx for the templete....but can you help me in getting my recent comment and recent posts??

Somehow I didn't understand on how to get it??

What do i need to edit??


Cahaya Biru said...

Go to LAYOUT, Add Page Element
You'll see Recent COmment or recent post gadget.

press edit and fill it the form with this

For recent Post:

For Recent Comment:

change the word your-blog-address with your blog address.
Ok, have a nice blogging. said...

Hi Cahaya Biru!
Thanks a lot about this great template but I have the same problem with Bill Reichart.
Doesn't looks good in IE7 or IE8.
Any ideas for solve the problem please?
Thanks again! said...

how to fix the problem in IE7 and IE8?
Please answer me

Cahaya Biru said...

@Leon; My time is so tight this week. Maybe I will share it 2 days again oK... :) said...

ok Cahaya,thanks again :)

Hanna said...


Thank you so much for the amazing template. I think it looks great but I have one question - I can't get rid of the adsense box that appears inside every single post. Can you please tell me how to do that?


Cahaya Biru said...

@Hanna; You have to go to LAYOUT--EDIT HTML-Expand Widget Template, then please find the adsense code. ok.

Tina Ortiz said...

man this template rocks

ToeKneeManGo said...

I like this template a lot, but I'm still having a couple problems with it...

1) Is there any way to get the header to be one full sized image with the adsense section inside? I'm not too fond of only being able to replace the Epsilon logo with a picture of my own and having the rest of it just need to be a solid color, along with the blog description having to be text.

2) Gotta confess...I can't figure out how to get the Recent Posts/Comments and Tags sections to work lol.

Oh, and my blog is if you need to check it out.

Can anyone help me out? I'd really appreciate it.

RoZeT said...


ingin bertnya... gi mana ya nk ku buangkan read more..
maksudnya ingin full post trus..

tolong yaa...

ToeKneeManGo said...

Follow up, I fixed #2, but I still have other issues...

1) Still can't get the header like I mentioned above

2) With the new "pages" feature that Blogger has, it doesn't work right. All the pages I try to create just end up being the shortened version with "read more" but it leads nowhere. I don't want to get rid of the "read more" on the normal blogs, just get rid of it for Pages.

3) If anyone knows about posting links on Facebook, normally if you do it, you get the option of choosing a thumbnail to accompany a summary of the content underneath the link. When I try it out, it doesn't work. It just has the link. Check out the last few entries on my Facebook page to see what I'm talking about:

Any help?

viagra online said...

This software is very good. I like programming on java and .net, but I've never played this tool

Studying for exams said...

i liked the template very much and i have used it on my blog but on my second blog also i want to put the same type of menu bar but i don't want to change the template

how to put the menu bar of this template on another template?

Anonymous said...

It is very usefull information for every one..

Forzest said...

I think you’ve made some truly interesting points. Not too many people would actually think about this the way you just did. I’m really impressed that there’s so much about this subject that’s been uncovered and you did it so well, with so much class. Good one you, man! Really great stuff

Arsya Ghifari said...

omm,, caranya buat lebih dari 1 entri dalam 1 page gmn sih?

ベネトリン said...

What an idea, Great tips, I would like to join your blog anyway,

ベネトリン said...

hey buddy,this is one of the best posts that I’ve ever seen; you may include some more ideas in the same theme. I’m still waiting for some interesting thoughts from your side in your next post.

Monetizando! said...

hey Cahaya Biru ! I have a problem, whenever i create a post, theres a blank space near the title, between the post body and the title, a blank square to the right... How can I take that out???

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