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SCARLETT, BIZMAX and MONEZINE download links are READY

Epsilon, Scarlett, and Monezine Templates is built in with adsense ready. This writing try to explain about how to get the adsense code. Also, with this, I hope that you will make more earn by getting some bucks from adsense.


1. Sign in to your adsense account
2. After sign in, you'll see a the reports from adsense. This report is for member that have adsense account before. If you are newbie, the report still showed. But you did not have any earn yet.
3. Click the Adsense Setup tab.
4. Choose adsense for content5. After you choose adsense for content, Choose Ad Unit. And click the continue button below. 6. Customize your ads size and color. After you're done, Then click the continue button

7. Now, you are in ad channel. Click Continue Button again

8. Giving a name for your ads. Then, click "Submit and get code" button9. Copy the adsense code... Now, you get the code. :)
10. If you need to convert that code to Entities. you could use this tool for short.


Zeta said...

it will be better if you erase the publisher number too

Cahaya Biru said...

@Zeta; Thank You for your advice... :)

Catherine said...

I have uploaded your Scarlet template and it it wonderful! I am familiar with using Adsense, but am unsure of where I put it in the template once I have my Adsense code? Your post says the template is "built in with adsense ready", but I cannot see anything in the template.

Sorry if I am just being blind and missing something obvious!

Anonymous said...

for what i need that? if i can add gadget adsense and adsense on posting area? but will relay be a help if u say about adsense for search

Watch Movies said...

Hi. Cahaya Biru. Thank you for the wonderful template.
I would like to ask how to add the adsense 480x60 and the link units? I have succesfully added in the single post.

Here's the blog

pls email me @
thanks in advance.

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