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Kitty Park

Six days After launching BIZMAX, come again with KITTY PARK. About that, here is the short description about it.

Kittypark is a 3 column, widget ready, dark wordpress theme with a pet related niche. Theme has a tabbed content section built on the sidebar. (quoted from web2feel)

This theme is perfect for newbie, as long as, he/she like KITTY / CAT .... or....
TIGER...!!! ha ha ha ha ha... that big cat are sometime making human affraid....

But, do not worry about the header, it can be customize with your own style.

Description: Original From WP Theme

Designer : Jinsona Design
Date : 27 March 2009

Converted to Blogger
Date : 27 March 2009

This Template has been tested in this following browser :
  • IE 6 (passed, but png image not shown)
  • Mozilla Firefox 2.xx (passed, and perfect)

Kitty Park Guide:
1. Changing the HEADER IMAGE

  • please go to LAYOUT -- Edit HTML -- no need to expand widget
  • find (Ctrl+F) this

the image size is 1000px width and 269px height. Now, you can change the image header with your own image.

Changing the Tab Navigation Title :
  • Go to LAYOUT -- Edit HTML -- no need to expand widget
  • find (CTRL+F) this :

<ul class='tabnav'>

below that code you will see like this:

<li class='pop'><a href='#recent'> RECENT </a></li>
<li class='fea'><a href='#tags'> TAGS </a></li>
<li class='rec'><a href=' #archive'> ARCHIVE </a></li>

  • after that, you could change the words RECENT, TAGS, and ARCHIVE
  • Then, Save Your Template

3. Add the content of Menu (click here)


Matheus Lisboa said...

hi friend, I am owner of a site and I am to use the whole template gamezine,
I'm using your tips on the slides and other codes and serve little, I wanted if possible you could help me because I hurry, thanks!

I am Brazilian

Matheus Lisboa said...

I forgot to leave my address, e-mail/msn (IM)

Cahaya Biru said...

@Matheus Lisboa; OK that's fine

Anonymous said...

Dude How To Show Sharing is Sexy Button !!

Radith Prawira said...

Sorry if i comment not in the right place, but i'd like to inform you if you might have a typo in the footer section, isn't it should be 'Recent Comments' instead 'Categories' ?

Hope i don't offended you.. :Peace:

Cahaya Biru said...

@Radith P; he he heh, yes... yes... Actually, I am little bit tied up, so that I can't edit it in image editor. But, I will.... :)

Arnab said...

dude Post something new.. keep update your blog.

halı yıkama said...

super templates

Blogger Online said...


added on blogger online

vuluganck said...

Hello Biru
Can you go to my site and leave me a comment about how to increase blog rank ?
Thanks much

Blogger-Godown said...

thanks ...

The_JaeV said...

thanks ,,,

berguna banget....

Anonymous said...

Hey Cahaya,
Iwould like to talk to you, by msn, to suggest some things...
I`m usingo 2 templates of yours, in 2 blogs, and i`ve some worries and thank`s fulll
, Please, send me an e-mail, to my e-mail in my profile.

Matalic said...

thanks for shariing this its super cool
but,i have aquestion !
i create a blog for the hot news "a 3 days ago"
i add posts everyday ,but i have a low indexing for the new post
i bookmark the new posts everyday on alott of bookmaking site
but they have a low indexing on google
should i change the template ?? what should i do ?
and thank you again.
here is my blog

raymond said...

hello cahayabiru...i am an avid fan of ur website. i often use ur templates for my blogs..cahaya...could you convert the groovy video theme of wordpress to blogger please...i have the theme..please

syafarah said...

hi, hope you know malay, u r indonesian rite??

saya nak tanya: lepas kita tukar gambar header tu, ada gambar telinga kucing kat atas (sebaris dengan 'HOME'. bagaimana mau buang gambar itu ya?

terima kasih!

syafarah said...

ok2, i got it, thank God! n thank u too!

ahaa, another question, how can we modify the post so reader dont have to push 'read more'? so that the reader can read certain post without clicking it..

thak you so much again!

ALVIN'Z BLOG said...

mas, gmn caranya setting pake template ini,biar kolom komentar tuh beda antara pengunjung dan yg punya blog. sy udah setting manual dg higlight author comment tp masih ga bs.. mohon penjelasanya mas...

raymond said...

hello cahayabiru...i always use ur templates cause i really like, thanks alot...but cahaya...if you mind can you convert groovy video wordpress theme..cause its really e-mail add is

runde-runde said...

mas Blog indonesia berbahasa inggris lebih menguntungkan bwat adsense ya, blom ada adsense terbitan indo

magazine-sante said...

super templates
thanks for shariing this its super cool

Anonymous said...

halo cahaya biru..
saya mau pake template ini..
tapi link download'nya gagal..
tolong di update link'nya yaa..
makasih.. :)

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