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Hi again... In this post I would like to publish another template, it's called MOBIPRESS. MobiPress is designed by Jinsona. And, it's been converted by

MobiPress is Stylist blue, white, and grey color template. Its design will attract another blogger to come to your blog. Equipping with welcoming sentence, mobipress is a right choice for you to reach another excitement.
Designed By Jinsona Design
XML Coded By CahayaBiru

DATE 18 July 2009

Change The Logo

Please, find this image address :


Set Up the Menu

  • Sign in to blogger
  • Go to Layout -- Edit HTML tab
  • No need to check Expand widget template

  • Find (Ctrl+F) this below:

<li><a href='#'>Title Here</a></li>

Then, You will find like this:

<li><a href='#'>Title Here</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Title Here</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Title Here</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Title Here</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Title Here</a></li>

Please, change # symbol with your targeted address.
Change the word Title Here with your own title.


find this (Ctrl+F) :


below that code, you will find like this:


Please, change PARENT-LINK-ADDRESS with your own targeted address.
After that, change the word PARENT-TITLE with your own title.

Change the Welcoming Sentence

  • then you see a text widget "welcome to my site"
  • press edit then change and fill it with whatever words, up to you ...

Go to Edit HTML, then please find this text:


After that, change that texts with your Twitter ID. example: cahayabiru


Cebong Ipiet said...

pak daru...ijin publish haha, tenang diriku ga nebeng link cuman nebeng preview demo xixixiixx

Cebong Ipiet said...

mana link nya om

subagya said...

nice layout.. good job

Blogger Templates said...

This has really good design and more stylish as you say.
I think this is more suitable for displaying any products of your business.

Bboy Guil said...

Novamente bboy guil, eu adoro quando você posta nesse site.
só template loko hein, só queria saber se é você mesmo que faz esses templates?
são muitos loucos!!

NdyTeeN said...

wuih nice template...

Raul Libório said...

Disifudê! Very good my bro!

Daily Mobile said...

Really awesome template! i use this now! thx ;)

Haidir said...

izin untuk mempublish template-nya ya mas...thank's before..maju teruz CahayaBiru...

Ademir said...

you can convert the template to blogger Falkner House?

GONDES said...

mas minta tolong kasih tipsnya,nambahin footer 3 kolomnya pada template ini,templatenya keren banget nihh.

gamelidz said...

cool man.. i am definitely tempted again..

Aadil Anis Ahmed said...

hey no doubt good template but i cant add adsense below every post can u help me out with this thing..

Daily Phones said...

HI! Unfortunately, a search engine does not work on this template ;(

Cahaya Biru said...

Please Find this
<form action='/s' id='searchform' method='get'>

after you got it,
please change /s with /search

then, save the template...

That's all.. and sorry for inconvinience
OK. Have a nice blogging :)

Bhavika said...

nice template cahaya:) just had one question, am putting the template up on my blog, is it possible to change the header image? keep up the good work...:)

Daily Phones said...

Thx Cahaya for your help ;) ps. will also soon change the header image by my blog to be somewhat different from other

Cahaya Biru said...

@Bhavika; Yes of course, it can. find this image address in Edit HTML:

After that, please change it with your own image...

OK.. That's all... Enjoy the mobipress... :)

FerLop said...

greetings ! i'm wondering if i'm able to allow more text on every single post and also to make images bigger?

Cahaya Biru said...

Please find this below:

var thumbnail_mode = "no-float" ;
summary_noimg = 530;
summary_img = 440;
img_thumb_height = 120;
img_thumb_width = 180;

"summary noimg" means if you have post with no image, the summary text will be approximately 530 letter...
If your post have image, so the summary will be approximately 440 letter

You can change the value to whatever you like...

The image size are relating with this code below:

img_thumb_height = 120;
img_thumb_width = 180;

120 is for height
180 is for width

you can change it to any value...

OK have a nice try... :)

FerLop said...

thanks a lot ... i'm fixing that problem right now. Already fixed the image size but still i hace problems with the summary thing, cause i don't want any summary at all...

by the way... is there a way embeded videos from youtube can be seen on the front and not after you click on "read more"?

FerLop said...

never mind ... problem fixed ! i really thank you i never thought that you were really going to answer and on the same day ! congratz :D

Alert said...

Excellent template. I'm using at Thanks

ProfitableSystem said...

Thanks....Really show you hard work.Nice template..

Wahyu Pratama said...

thanks, im using your template.

Setia said...

nice template. am using this template. i hope you always make nice template.
Best Regards
admin Technology Solution

kamil rashid said...

search box is not working in this template

any helps..

iMax said...

Help! I've a serious problem, I can't add adsense at the start or ending of posts :( why!? it's urgent reply please

iMax said...

PS= I add the adsense code (html) directly in one post for testing it but i can't see nothing :( a space blank

LPK Indico said...

Makasih Pak numpang donlot....

APF Owner said...

very nice template, Im using at thx cahaya

Neezhom photographic said...

Salaam. Terima kasih banyak bro!! Semoga success selalu, baarokallahu lakum :)

Tweety said...

HI, great looking template.
any way to show the full post instead of the summary

Hadi said...

forget the last comment bro. figured it out. how can i change the option 'OpenID URL' to say 'name' when people comment. pls help tq

Daily Phones said...

Now my template is better ;)

Cahaya Biru said...

@IMAX; YOu need to convert the adsense code into the ENTITIES before place it into the template.

Try to find the tool about it in search engine... "HTML to entities".. OK??

reporter said...

The full story is not working. I cannot show part of my post only.

Cahaya Biru said...

@reporter: The mobipress is equipped with auto-readmore. I do not understand, please, Could you elaborate your problem??

reporter said...

Sorry and thanks for the quick reply, cahaya. I faced another new problem. When i click into a post, the right coloumn will move below the posting WHEN i am using Internet Explorer to view. But when I use FireFox, it is perfectly fine.
EG. Try view:

into Internet Explorer and FIreFox.

j-QAF SK Bandar Rinching said...

Amaizing template! and Cool template..i was try its for my blog..lets take a

thanks cahaya!

Qassam said...

Template yang bagus...i was try it..

please take a

Cahaya Biru said...

@Reporter; What IE do you use??? I've checked yours with IE 7. It's just fine.

free4india said...

@Biru Thanks for your nice template. I am using it for as of now.... it looks great...

My findings maybe useful for you as well as others.

@reporter.... yes issue is present when 800x640 resolution is used. This template works fine with 1024x768 resolution.

I tried a whole day nearly 18 hours ... learning as I did not know CSS or XML while trying to customize the ads and layouts.

@Imax you will need to edit the xml to modify the design. You can see mine. It is gonna be messy if you do not xml.

I thought things were going wrong because I made some error, but actually I found out the layout will automatically change when different resolutions are used. You can check out my website how the layout changes after resolution is changed. What you see on the site is the best I could customize, but layout is fine for 1024 resolution.

After customizing the domain now and when I felt everything was done, I am finding a new problem now the pictures that are not loading properly always. I don't know if it due to custom domain.

@APF owner... I see your picture is changed, but when I loaded your site, the right top picture did not load while the man with guitar loaded. I am wondering if this is due to picture not loading properly from blogger as even I am now having same issue or may be due to slow internet connection issue ?!.

free4india said...

actually now I have uploaded the biggest image to my hosting and the picture is loading fine. maybe blogger was not happy with repeated loading as I was working on it... i dont know why pictures did not work properly. i intend to slowly shift pictures to my hosting to avoid repitition of such problems.

in the earlier post i had mentioned about layout problems..... but finally i figured out the problem was in the width, i had either changed it to auto or i had put only 1000 instead of "1000px"... just the missing "px" created a lot of problem. sorry chaya the design is okay. it was my editing mistake

however, this particular website of cahayabiru has problem with layout because i am having IE6. It is fine on FF and Opera both are latest. i will upload a screen shot.

free4india said...

I have found that pics loading from blogger had problems while the ones I uploaded to my hosting loaded well. I found out the same problem with the site of other people who have commented here and used the same template. It would have been helpful if all the pics used on the template was listed so that everyone could replace it with their own or copy to their location. thanks.

Anonymous said...
screenshot of how this page looks on IE6..... the right layout having problem.
(pls. do not publish this comment. this is for your reference. my site will not be able to handle the traffic if everyone clicks on this picture here.) said...

Hi Biru,

I request you to delete all the comments I have made after going through them and utilizing the useful ones. I hope you can understand and help.


pokyie87 said...

It really really work on my blog..
Take a look at my blog..

Thank for admin..

jacks said...

Hey, thanks for the link. I was looking for a good blogger template site more template easy to download

mike gyver said...

waduh ... kalau disuruh ngedit2 lagi kontent dan widget2 yg disini, repot dong :) coz ane masih awam soal ginian.

TIPS-BOX said...

hi it is amazing template but could you please add child menu links option to the menu code of this template
that would help if some one like me have many categories and subcategories
thank you so much

aws said...

nice :-)

Mason Jamal said...

love the mobipress template but is there anyway to change the hot pink color over "Posted by..", "Date" and "Comments"? Thanks.


hi..I can not get my search box to work...I did the changes you suggested , but when I search the posts for obvious words it says no posts found.

also, i cannot get my comments code towork

Cahaya Biru said...


Please Find this-->> form action='/s

after that, change it with this-->> form action='/search

save the template

joeylive said...

In a comment box it have black picture, how i deal with it


Pablo said...

Hi. Excellent work!!
I have some questions :
1- How can I change the color of the menu when I put the mouse over the link? And the text color?
2- How can I change the text "Full Story"?

Thank you very much

World'sNo 1 said...


Great template. I am using your template currently in one of my blogs. I want to remove the search button and add adsense search button. can i do that?

Anonymous said...

I love this template. Thank you, Cahaya Biru! It goes perfectly with the theme of my blog.

I have the same question as Mason Jamal. How do you change the hot pink color behind the "posted by" and the timestamp, etc.?

Thank you!

Gambar Bangunan said...

This has really good design

Bark Online, Comments said...

wow great themes. i love it. Let's see if i can use it in my blog.

hlasmana said...

Ijin pakai templatenya di keren abis!

foxgeek said...

wow great theme. i could not change the parents links with my links. how could i creat a categories in blogger? Please help me out.

Blogger templates said...

Thanks for this free template buddy . I am following your blog from few weeks and today I have reviewed few of your themes in my collection . Download links are diverted to your pages and I hope you will like them too -

Sani Hadek said...

Is it possible to change the mobile picture for one of my choice, to personalize my site??? Thanks

Ivan de Paula said...

Hi Cayaha.
I want to include Add-This Button in every entry.
Can you help?

Ivan de Paula said...

Hi everybody.
How can I change the NOKIA Gadget?

Ivan de Paula said...

Hi there I use this template and today I dont know why but my site
is opening really slow.
Do you have any idea?
please check this

Cahaya Biru said...

@Ivan; I have seen your blog. And, I think it is in normal speed.
Sometime, the speed is depended on how many gadget did you use. But, Your gadget is not much.

If it still slow... Please, check your network connection...

superstudent said...

i just need a SMALL help!
every post of mine has a video in it.
how shall i
1)show the full post without the "full story" or
2)show the video and a bit of text like it works for images

pleeeeeeeeeaaaassssssee help me.i don't want to remove this template just because of these reasons.

any alternative solution are also welcome

Cahaya Biru said...

@Superstudent; Ok. I will publish the no-auto-read-more versions

superstudent said...

thank you very much.iam the most happy now.

superstudent said...

hi cahaya!
thanks for the earlier help.i saw your zengard was fabulous.
i was just wondering if you could
1)provide the code for submenu's in mobipress also
2)how can i replace the mobile phone image with a image which has 2 to 4 images and they appear one after the other like as in professional websites.i hope you can imagine my request.
3) how can i change the font text style for "parent title"

i hope that you may help me again.
thanking you ...........Superstudent

Cahaya Biru said...

@Super Student; No 2 question, you have to find hack about rotating appearance of the header image.

No 3; find in,


Loki said...

wow.nice template.
pls tell me how can I change the picture behind the welcome message?thanks.god bless

Raven said...

Sir, this MobiPress Template is great!
Can you please answer my question regarding how to edit it?

Here's the Situation: I changed the header image with my own image.
(default picture: with size of 1000 x 245.)

But when I changed it, there is still a part of the picture (from the default header image: MOBILE PHONE IMAGE).

How can I remove it?


superstudent said...

thanks once again

Cahaya Biru said...

@Loki; go to Edit HTML, find

@Raven; could you give me your address??

technoalley said...

how to add 3 Column footer?

Karthikeyan S said...

Hi Cahaya Biru,

I Want to add 3 column footer, how can i do this?

and also i want "Add a gadget" before post ie,Between parent-title and post?

Plz Help With this!

Thanks in advance.


Cahaya Biru said...

@Technoalley; Have you familiar with CSS and HTML code???
Find some design about footer, then copy paste the CSS code and HTML into your template.

Tricker said...

Hi biru ...i wanna add my blog name and change that default pic from my blog...
help me please

this is my blog ...

i am a newbie to this help me ..
waiting for your reply

Tricker said...

hi cahaya biru i am not able to set my blog name ....please visit my blog ...i made my logo for my blog and then i uploaded to it but it's not showing ....

please help's urgent reply me please ..........

Cahaya Biru said...

@Tricker; Please do not remove the credit link. I won't help you.

Tricker said...

hi biru me please...

i cant able to change the slide pic in my blog and also the logo for my blog ..
wat to do for that help me..
i changed that link to that code but it won't works ...
tell me how to show my blog logo and slide ..

codesos said...

Hi ,

Great work!!

But i have some problem , The Full "story looks" ok , The summary looks bad , how come?

Look in

Cahaya Biru said...

@Tricker; Please read the instruction... How to change the logo... ok.

Tricker said...

i did it but it won't shows up in my blog ..please can u do it for me friend..i need this me
i will give you my logo address juz add this in that code and mail to me friend.. please help

please add it and send it to me through my maill ...
i added but it won't work for me ..

gouthami.b said...

Cool mobile bloggint template dude.I will add to my collection

Nico said...

Hello. Sorry about my English.
The image "macmet" does not fit well when the post is folded. This image is displaced 5 px and so does not fit well. you can see that is a line in the image "macmet" on the left and right incomplete.
I could solve that problem, but when I do, the error goes to post "full story".
Thanks. I await your response.

Nico said...

Hello. Sorry about my English.
The image "macmet" does not fit well when the post is folded. This image is displaced 5 px and so does not fit well. you can see that is a line in the image "macmet" on the left and right incomplete.
I could solve that problem, but when I do, the error goes to post "full story".
Thank you very much. I await your response.

Nico said...

It`s ok. I've got it.
but how can I do to eliminate the margin under "macmet?

krespø said...

Hi, i needed change text FULL STORY for SEGUIR LEYENDO, and the pink color of the DATE; COMMENTS; POSTED BY on the other color.


Greeting from Spain.

P.D: sry for my english ;)

Anonymous said...

its really nice template but the problem is i think this blog is not seo friendly because i am using this template since august please tell me how my blog will show in search engines or please give me seo friendly template link like this thanks you dear Cahaya Biru.

Cahaya Biru said...

@Anonym; Submit your blog to all search engine. You can use seo tool.
To win the seo thing, find article about it...

Sean Brown said...

Hello Cahaya Biru,

Thank you for provide such a nice template for free. I see some others ask the same question I am about to but I do not see a resolution.

I would like to have the full post display with out the "Full Story" link because using that method, the formatting on the home page gets ignored. Could you please describe how to turn this off? I have gone through all the blogger settings and scanned the XML file to no avail. Thank you so much in advance.

Anonymous said...

how can i increase the width of the blogposts area?

Cahaya Biru said...

@Sean; Please, send your XML file to my email.
@Anonym; I don't like to answer the anonymous one. figure it by yourself...

Regina Cunha said...

Dear Biru,
I´m really thanked for all (templates, tricks and pacience you have had).
Take a look when you can pls.
I´m still woking hard to improve all there.
Could you help to insert drop down menu in title pages, pls?
Many thanks.

Unfathomed_Psyche said...


First, I have you a two thumbs uo for this awesome template, I've been tweaking it to suite my desired design though I've encountered some issues that needs your expertise.

1. I have the same problem as Aadil Anis Ahmed, I wanted to put adsense on every end of post and I can't seem to do that.

2. Same problem as Sean Brown, I'd like to have a full post and want to get rid of the "Full Story" link

3. I've place my blog description where the the "Welcome to my website "was was once found, how can I change its font size?

thanks in advance and keep up the awesome job
you might want to check the problem in this link

Buffalo Hird said...

This is a great, really clean, and useful theme. It looks beyond fantastic compared to the default google themes. Great work !

I was wondering how one could show reactions (like the boxes to click for things such as "like, dislike, etc" ). Any help with that would be great, also I've been trying to figure out how to view entire posts without the full post thing as well.

Cahaya Biru said...

@Regina; For menu, I have written tutorial about it. Please, use my search form to check it. or go to this page

Unfathomed psyche;
1. You have to parse the adsense code first.
2.I'll consider about it.
3. LAYOUT -- EDIT HTML Find this :

#message h2 {
font-family:georgia, Helvetica, Sans-Serif;
font-size: 20px;
padding:0px 0px 10px 0px;
margin:0px 0px;

font-size is for changing the font size

superstudent said...

hi cahaya ! i am using mobipress successfully!
i have a word for you.
have you seen the "blue marine" template? that's a really great template.but it has a few hitches to be fixed,you have been creating great templates by yourself and your way of detailing instructions is so nice!

i hope you can see that template and if you like it,please repair it in your own STYLE!

Noushad Vadakkel said...

2.a href......did not shown any link from home page
..waiting for solutions...

MBA said...

Well....i have been reading all these comments after uploading this template for my blog I found lot of new things and my questions were answered simply. Its good way to get answer i thing. You know i have spent more than two week on searching such wonderful template and finally I found it best in hundreds. I have litter question dear can tell me how i can add subscription(email) button on this template ?

Rohit said...

Plssss help site the menu bar is giving probs....Whether I want only its giving plsss help me..

Berugo said...

Hi. sorry for my english.
how can I put a header in .swf?
What should I change on the html code?

Thanks Cahaya :)

onzyme said...

I want to think you..
I m using this template in my bolg..
the only challenge is that I can't put external links is the menu bar..
is there any solution for this..
thank you to anser to me in this mail adress :


Gyms said...

hi nice template... how i can delete the date, publish by, and comments ?

Gyms said...

A small fix on the css
Find on your template

.singleinfo {
margin:0px 0px;
padding: 5px 0px 5px 0px;


.singleinfo {
margin:-5px -5px;
padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px;

font-family:Tahoma, century gothic,Arial,Verdana,Helvitica,sans-serif;
padding:0px 5px;
text-transform: uppercase;
margin:5px 40px 0px 0px;

font-family:Tahoma, century gothic,Arial,Verdana,Helvitica,sans-serif;
padding:1px 3px;
text-transform: uppercase;
margin:5px 35px 5px 5px;

It fix the look and position of the Full story

Gyms said...

Sorry, change for this

.singleinfo {
margin:-5px -5px;
padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px;
background:#f7f7f7 url(your image url here) bottom center no-repeat;;
font:12px Georgia, Century gothic, Arial, Tahoma, sans-serif;

Admin said...

great but i hv question...

how to add more sub menu under #PARENT TITLE

wht script do i need to add...pls help me

hakimaza said...

Mobipress is great. I like it.
I want to use mobipress template for my blog (
But, I've any problems when I changed the header image with my own image.
(default picture: with size of 1000 x 245.)
Size my picture same as default picture.
please help me. thanks.
This my email:

abahetika said...

mas, saya baru nyari2 template buat blog sekolah saya..
dan saya jatuh hati sama template ini (mobipress)
tapi pas saya mau ubah dengan gambar saya sendiri untuk headernya, kok jadi kayak ada batasnya..
trus untuk file slide.png-nya kok tidak bisa sama dengan aslinya, padahal ukurannya sudah saya sesuaikan dengan aslinya.
oh..ya untuk sementara, saya pake di (buat percobaan)
sarannya bisa lewat email saya

shadow41 said...

sir, how can i change the mobipress logo? Instructions said find image address and then what? sorry. I'm just new to blogging.

And I would also like to know how to change the big phone image. I like the background of the phone but the phone seems to have no relevance with my blog. Please help. YOur template is stunning. Great job. thanks for this.

Vic said...


AlexiouFunnyNews said...

πολύ ωραίο πρότυπο, Im χρησιμοποιώντας σε
thx Cahaya και αστεία ... νέο έτος!
Φιλιά από την Ελλάδα!

Anonymous said...

hi cahaya !
How can I edit the javascript routine to display the line breaks at the main page?

fajar cellular said...

ijin publish templatenya ya....

MarketingJDLR said...

hi cahaya!
Im really new on this and I have a question i dont know if is posible.
can i change the cellphone image? how?

TPL APP Jakarta said...

Nice template... numpang sedot ya Cahaya...
How to make a footer in this template???

Dyx said...

Wah, ane pake template ini aja lah

Animation World said...

by the way... is there a way embeded videos from youtube can be seen on the front and not after you click on "read more"?

Animation World said...

hey i want to add gadgets below the post how do i do so

Nayan Seth said...

hey i want to change the favicon but it does not changes when i use the html code

Nayan Seth said...

hey i want an answer can anyone help

Nayan Seth said...

answerrrrrrrrrrssss plssssss

RoZeT said...

Hi cahaya,

gi mana ya nk buangkan read more supaya mnjadi full post terus...

tolong yaa...

JOHN MOSBY said...

Many thanks for an excellent free template. The hard work is much appreciated.

Can I ask a quick question: I'm not sure how I change the font of the individual blog entry titles. I'd like to make the post title Century Gothic, but unlike some templates, the font/colour editor doesn't allow me to change the font. Either that, or I'm being stupid.

Any help MUCH appreciated.

Asia Nation said...

Hello cahaya the template is great and i use this .
one question ...
and change the font? I want to use trebuchet

Gato Guga said...

Hi Cahaya,
(Sorry my bad English.)
Congratulations on the job.
I installed your template and I liked it a lot, but I would like to make some changes and ask for their assistance.
I wonder where to change the following terms:
1. Changing the size and font color and background of "Full Story"
2. Remove everything related to Twitter, because I do not use. Could not remove the title of the sidebar.
3. Changing the size and font color and background of the title of the sidebar.
4. Change the background color of the sidebar.
5. Change the image size in the summary of the post. They need to prove size lower.

Thank you for your attention.

I wish you success and happiness.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what the font is used in the main logo (The one which says MobiPress)?

Threat said...

Hi how do i install this to wrdpress or do i just put this up?

Cahaya Biru said...

@threat; this is not for mobipress sorry

oneduchessent said...

hey, cahaya. Nice template by the way.

Question: is there a way embeded videos from youtube can be seen on the front and not after clicking "read more"?


oneduchessent said...

hey, thanks for the template.

Question:is there a way embeded videos from youtube can be seen on the front and not after you click on "read more"?

Cahaya Biru said...

I am afraid you can't. However, you could use the no auto readmore mobipress.

go to this address

Clement said...

Cahaya Biru, I wanted the youtube videos show up in my main site... how can I disable the no auto readmore functions?

Cahaya Biru said...

@clement; I can't get your point... please be specific...

oneduchessent said...

Greetings once again!
I've changed the header image with my own image but there is still a part of the picture (from the default header image: the mobile phone picture).

How can I remove it?
my email is


Melissa @ Cellulite Investigation said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
omniamureta said...

hello Cahaya,beautiful templete !

Q-how to change background the post for others color? Sory my english bro ? :0))

Look my blog plz :

Ricardo Mureta.

Ricardo Mureta. said...

Hi Caraya,veeeeeeeeery good MobiPress ! ! !

Q : how to change background the post?

Thanks so much.

Plz,see my blog with MobiPress !!!!

FrAnkExS said...

graxias...mira el mio

Adicto al Conocimiento said...


Excellent template. It works really smooth too. I have a question regarding comments: i´d like them to show the avatars of those who have profiles with it. However, I only seem to get a gray rectangle in each comment instead of the avatar image. Is this fixable?

Thanks in advance for your kind response.

Greetings from Ecuador, South Am

Teti said...

Mas Biru terimaksih atas template MObipressnya. Tapi saya kedapatan masalah. Full story-nya tak berfungsi. boleh cek ke, boleh send email ke terimaksih atas bantuannya

Gordita In The City said...


I love your template. I have a problem with the pages feature on blogger.

When you click on a page link - the page is formatted like a blog post. But when you click on "Full Story" it does not expand to show all the information like it would on a regular post. It just looks condensed - and it never changes.. help!

GNJ said...

Why Just Have 3 Post On the Main Page of my blog? Even i change at Dashboard>Setting>Formatting to something. The Posts are just appear 3 post only please help! Any One!


saya numpang download pak.. sangat bagus seklai templatenya...mudah-mudah2 template ini membwa berkah di blog saya...

cek out di:

BG said...

Bro, edit "Search" gimana, kok eror ? thx

Gordita In The City said...

Can anybody tell me or offer me a hint on why my page posts will not expand like the rest of the blog. Is this blog template not designed to work with Blogger's Pages feature?

CLick on any of the page links on my menu header. Once you get to a page you will see that the page contents are smushed like a blog post - but if yu click "read full story" - it does nothing.


Gadget Review said...

Whatta great templates gonna love to use this preety soon!

Helpful brad? said...

Hey... after searching through these comments... I see A LOT of people looking to remove the "thumbnail summary" from the blog posts main page...

You need simply find this:
var thumbnail_mode = "no-float" ;
summary_noimg = 530;
summary_img = 440;
img_thumb_height = 120;
img_thumb_width = 180;

(it's really close to the top)

and remove it. Your posts should appear normally now and not as a summary.

Kak Udex said...

It really works great to my blog. I am so thankful for sharing this wonderful job. Thank You..

My blog:

Gordita In The City said...

Okay.. figured out the linking to pages. But anyone's help is appreciated.

1. How do you get rid of that portion of the original "phone header" that remains after you change it to your own image.

2. Is there a piece of CSS code that would fit my header image into the box fully. It's tiling, and I don't know why. Thank you!

...any advice is appreciated!

Anonymous said...

One wonders how I can change the image size preview of fear in post paguina start .. Excuse my English I'm using the google translator

Blog Archive said...
I am so thankful for sharing this wonderful job. Thank You..

Anonymous said...



very nice template for mobilers... Keep on posting...

Anonymous said...

i want to add addthis just below the header of the post but ...its not working.. please help me.
tell me the whole process to add those share button , like and share button
i m using mobipress template

Gembul said...

help me Cahaya Biru....I want to put adsense at the beginning, middle and end of the post. I've tried to find the html code but so far have not found this. please help... on what html tags should I put my adsense code in order to appear at the beginning, middle and end psoting...please reply my question...thank you very much..

Antroid said...

kakak keren

Awan del Cavalire said...

trimakasih banyak cahaya biru,...
your templates is very good.
aku pakek templates ini, sedikit pertanyaan:
cara menampilkan 'share button' di setiap postingan gmn ya,..udah aku setting lewat "elemen halaman" pi tetp gak bisa..
mohon bantuannya.

GNJ said...

Why Just Only 6 Posts are shown on the main page of this template? How to fix it ? Please!

Alex said...

How do I disable de full story option? I wanna show the complete posts on the home page, without requiring users to click on the Full Story. By the way, excellent job man!!!!

medical billing and coding said...

These significant changes in the applications functions should also be affecting many ways of what people are doing in terms of what people's habit in the internet social networking.

Ravi Saksena said...

Can anybody tell me or offer me a hint on why my page posts will not expand like the rest of the blog. Is this blog template not designed to work with Blogger's Pages feature?

CLick on any of the page links on my menu header. Once you get to a page you will see that the page contents are smushed like a blog post - but if yu click "read full story" - it does nothing.

Dede SM said...

is the best...

Dapscom said...

cara mengubah gambar hp nya gimana ya?mhon email caranya ke terimakasih sebelumnya

Max said...

Hi bo , thx for template ,the i cant read more in page , why ?

Sanjay Kumar said...

Search not working in this template.. plz check my blog

Jay said...

how to put social thin on mobi press can't put the social media please help
my blog is

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