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Zin Folio Full Versions

Zin Folio Professional

Zin Folio Professional
Zin Folio is three column template with special feature included. Zin Folio is a magazine style which equipped with Image and Text Slider, Feedburner Form, Menu Bar, and Inline Small News . Try the Zin Folio for your blog, and you will get new blogging experience with it.

Customize The Logo

Go to Layout – Edit HTML – no need to expand widget template
Find this image address :

The PSD file of the logo have been attached in download package. Please make customization in your image editor. Upload into webhosting and get the link address.
After that, change it with your own image address that you have been uploaded in webhosting.

Set The Feed Burner ID Form

Go to Layout – Edit HTML – no need to expand widget template
Find This Word:

After that Change it with your own Feedburner ID.

Customize The Menu

Go to Layout -- Edit HTML tab
No need to check Expand widget template
Find (Ctrl+F) this below:

<li><a href='#'>Title Here</a></li>

Then, You will find like this:

<li><a href='#'>Title Here</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Title Here</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Title Here</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Title Here</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Title Here</a></li>

Please, change # symbol with your targeted address.
Change the word Title Here with your own title.
You can edit this in Notepad or wordprocessor.
After all finish, then save your template.

Install The Javascript

Upload the Javascript (JS) file in JS foloder in webhosting. After that, please find this :

There are three scripts, change it with the location of your webhosting.


<script src="JAVASCRIPT-HOSTING-LINK-LOCATION/slider.js" type="text/javascript"/>

with this

<script src="" type="text/javascript"/>

If your JS feature does not work, please recheck the JS address.

Customize the Special Features Of the Template


Cheryl said...

heya... i wanna know is there any possible to make this version BLACK color?

Cheryl said...

i got problem regarding the scarlett side bar....

it appear that it only show number 1 2 3

Please help me out?

Cheryl said...

Sorry to ask....

Have you notice that the 2 button left and right dont really work?

Do you have any idea why it don't work?

I'm so curious bout the button.... it just don't work when you click it...

JOSE MENA said...

I also wanted to say that some staff can not be downloaded
and are really very interesting .. thanks

Zin like Folio Full Versions interests me, so please look pueedo
greetings from switzerland .... thanks

JOSE MENA said...

hello my brother
thanks for answering the message
very good your work .. god bless

but I do not work
a question?
you can send me the scrip and ready to install please fumcione well for me as does your blog, very nice wao ...

lancelonie said...

I think there's something wrong with the slider and feature widgets. They're not working. I agree with Cheryl. Only 1 2 3 appears on the sidebar as additional feature. We might be missing another step here.

Cool template, by the way. We'd love to see the special features work though.


lancelonie said...

Hi, Cahaya! I was able to complete the process of installation. You may delete my previous comments and this one, too, if you like. Thanks for the instructions!!! Thanks for sharing this template!!!


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