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Creative Press
Creative Press Template is three column template with white and blue domination color. Creative press equipped with many Javascript feature included like Slider and Auto Read More. Try the Creative Press Template for your blog, and you’ll get new experience with the feature.

Customize The Logo

Go to Layout – Edit HTML – no need to expand widget template
Find this image address :

The PSD file of the logo have been attached in download package. Please make customization in your image editor. Upload into webhosting and get the link address.
After that, change it with your own image address that you have been uploaded in webhosting.

Change the Welcoming Sentence

  • then you see a text widget "welcome to my site"
  • press edit then change and fill it with whatever words, up to you ...

Watch out, There are two place to be changed.OK. After that, change that texts with your Twitter ID

For the first
Go to Edit HTML, then please find this text:

Please change the second twitter text (in red color) with your Twitter ID. For Example:

After that, find this code:

please replace the second twitter text (in red color) with your ID. example

Save your template

Customize The Menu

Go to Layout -- Edit HTML tab
No need to check Expand widget template
Find (Ctrl+F) this below:

<li><a href='#'>Title Here</a></li>

Then, You will find like this:

<li><a href='#'>Title Here</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Title Here</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Title Here</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Title Here</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Title Here</a></li>

Please, change # symbol with your targeted address.
Change the word Title Here with your own title.
You can edit this in Notepad or wordprocessor.
After all finish, then save your template.

Install The Javascript

Upload the Javascript (JS) file in JS foloder in webhosting. After that, please find this :

There are three scripts, change it with the location of your webhosting.


<script src="JAVASCRIPT-HOSTING-LINK-LOCATION/slider.js" type="text/javascript"/>

with this

<script src="" type="text/javascript"/>

If your JS feature does not work, please recheck the JS address.

Set The 720x90 Banner

please find this code
<div class="topban">

after that, paste your ads banner below that code. Then Save template.

If your banner did not align in center position,
Please use <center> </center> to make your banner align center.
For example:
<center> HERE IS YOUR BANNER ADDRESS </center>

Customize the Special Features Of the Template


Anonymous said...

nice layout!

min HMN said...

pro temp. thanks for share

Anonymous said...

recent from blog is not working

Anonymous said...

twitter post error: even though i changed my id, the twitter messages are not replaced

Cahaya Biru said...

@Anonym; Where is your address??

Jeff Khoo said...

twitter post error.... my blog at
thanks for this great theme:)

Cahaya Biru said...

@Jeff Khoo; go to layout -- Edit html no need to expand widget template.

in your template, please find this:

after that, please change the word --> jeffkyc with -->> user
then, change the word second twitter with -->> jeffkyc or your ID.

Or for instant, you could replace it with this :

if you need more twitter line..., simply change the number 2, with any number. OK.
Have a nice blogging...:)

Jeff Khoo said...

Thanks for ur help... My twitter is working properly already...
Really great theme...
Anyway just wondering are there anyway that i can disable the 'read more' feature? Cause some of my readers are saying is quite troublesome to click again to view my post.
Thank you

Cahaya Biru said...

@Jeff Kho;
I'm sorry, I can't help to remove it because that readmore function is added so that it could fit with its the original design.

Di Mobile Malaysia said...

Hi Cahaya Biru

Do you have a service to help us design our website using the templates you have ?

Please contact us give us the quotation of your service

Im waiting for your news asap

Thank you


Divine said...

I want to display or show comment-author's profile image in this blog template.
How should i do it?

Prek said...

Hi Cahaya Biru, I want solution from you for this question.
The Question goes like this:
How to display or show commentors or author's profile image in Blogger/BlogSpot blogs For this Template?????
I am using this wonderful template by you..
Give me the solutions as soon as possible.

Prek said...

Hi Cahay Biru, Why no reply for this How to display or show commentors or author's profile image in Blogger/BlogSpot blogs For this Template?????

Cahaya Biru said...

@Prek; The explanation is long. Are you familiar with CSS and HTML??

Prek said...

No, if possible give me the solution..
Thank you for your support..

Cahaya Biru said...

@Prek; You are welcome

Dynasty said...

I tried changing the "Welcome To My Blog" to just "Welcome". But it still says "Welcome To My Blog"

Code I edited:

b:widget id='HTML85' locked='false' title='Welcome' type='HTML'

Anonymous said...

voy a probar este temple!!!

Cahaya Biru said...

@Dynasty; please, checked the expand widget template box. Then Find the word welcome to my blog. after that replace that word.

Digitally Transformation said...

nice template... awesome...
but I wanna ask something...
why the welcome sentence not change..?
I've change the text widget...

Digitally Transformation said...

how to make justify full in post I made in home screen... ?
in the link post I made in a new windows, it has justify full...

Anonymous said...

hi cahaya!
can you please tell me how to
1. get the image and some text for each post below the "featured posts" section?
2.get the title of post in different font and size?

when i try,iam unable to get the result like in your theme preview.
please help.

Anonymous said...

the "recent from blog " is not working! please help me! iam not as intelligent as my name suggests

Anonymous said...

the "recent from blog" is not working! please help me! i am not as intelligent as my name suggests.

SXR Mafia said...

Hi Cahaya

I am Unable to place any Share Buttons/widgets on the template ... can u help .. i mean like putting up the sharing is sexy buttons or share to facebook ...
they dnt show up at all ...

waiting for ur reply

Cahaya Biru said...

go to the page sexy social bookmark in my blog. use search...

Jimmy said...

i need some help from you .
the problem i am facing with this template is that whenever i share the link of my blog on facebook , it does not display the info correctly , try it yourself and see what i mean to say.
if you can help me regarding this , i would be glad

Jimmy said...

it only displays the bottom aboutme info when ever i share the link of my blog using creative press template on facebook , it is very seo unfriendly and distracting , it should show the first few lines of the post and also i am unable to create a new page with this template , it works but only displays readmore on a new page and never the full page

Jimmy said...

cahaya why dnt u reply to me

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