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Ismail bin Yon said...

tq for the temlate

Cahaya Biru said...

@Ismail; You are welcome

Anonymous said...

salam...time kasih untuk template tue =]..
saye ade prob skit..
kadang2 bile saye nak letak page element,layout saye akan rosak..camne yerk nak solve prob nie ??
thanks =]

Cahaya Biru said...

@Anonym; boleh bagi gambar? So I boleh tengok tu laman page element u.

Natalie's Music Shop said...

I like this template and I don't get how do you put all the pictures into one box and then make multiple boxes like you have?

Natalie's Music Shop said...

I've made two posts and have added 3 pictures to each posting but when you look on the homepage you see the box and it says 0 and then you see the line of the picture below the box. How do I put all 3 pictures or whatever amount all into one box? Help me! Email me at

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