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Scarlett 4 is Four column template. With dark and white color combination, Scarlett is ready for any niche. The template is hot, please try it for your next blogging.

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Ok, Have a nice blogging.... :)

Install The Template

  1. Please Sign In to Blogger
  2. Go to LAYOUT -- Edit HTML
  3. If You need to back up your old templates, please do the back up first.
  4. Upload The Scarlett XML Files.
  5. Click the Upload button.
  6. Save your template.

Customize The Logo

Go to Layout – Edit HTML – no need to expand widget template
Find this image address :

The logo use image file. The size is 202 pixels width and 35 pixels height. Please make customization in image editor. After you make your own logo, Upload it into webhosting and get the link address.
After that, replace the above address with your own image address that you get in your webhosting.

Customize The Menu

The menu link use a simple HTML combination.
<li><a href='#'>Title Here</a></li>
Please, change # symbol with your targeted address.
Change the word Title Here with your own title.

You can edit this in Notepad or wordprocessor.
  • after edit it, please Go to Layout -- Add Page Element
  • You will find FOX MENU GADGET.
  • Press edit, after that, fill it with that HTML combination above.
  • Save it
You can add more link by copy paste another structure below or above the previous one.

For example:
<li><a href='#'>Title Here</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Title Here</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Title Here</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Title Here</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Title Here</a></li>

After all finish, then save.
The Second Menu
find this (Ctrl+F) :

below that code, you will find like this:


Please, change PARENT-LINK-ADDRESS with your own targeted address.
After that, change the word PARENT-TITLE with your own title.
Save your template

125x125 Sponsor Banners

HTML Combination:
<a href="TARGET-LINK"><img style="vertical-align:bottom;" src="BANNER-125x125"/></a>

Please, change the words:
  • TARGET-LINK with your targeted web address
  • BANNER-125x125 with the address of your banner
That HTML above is for one image banner. You could edit that Combination in notepad or wordprocessor.

After editing,
  1. please go to LAYOUT -- add page element
  2. you'll see SPONSOR or Banner gadget
  3. press edit n paste your editing into it
  4. save it
To make another banner, in the gadget box, simply copy-paste below or above the previous content.

Customize Targeted Adsense 338 X 250

Go to, Use 338 X 250 Size, and please copy the code.
Convert your adsense code into entities.

Go to LAYOUT -- Edit HTML -- expand widget template
Find this code:
<div class="ad1">
<!-- Ad_code_section_starts -->

Below that codes, you'll see like this below:

<div class="ad1">
<!-- Ad_code_section_starts -->

<script type="text/javascript"><!--
google_ad_client = "pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX";
/* Scarlett Post Targeted */
google_ad_slot = "XXXXXXXXXX";
google_ad_width = 336;
google_ad_height = 280;
<script type="text/javascript"

<!-- Ad_code_section_ends -->

The blue text is my adsense code. Now, replace it with your code, the one that after converted.
After that, Save your template. Wait for 10-15, standard from Adsense, and your ads will show up...


benson said...

wow..very nice,,,,

Admin said...

yes awsom !!

Praveen Gampa said...


kliparsivim said...

hi ! i didnt know where i should write.
I wanna implement slider which is you shared(scarlett slider or other sliders) in my post. I mean that no slider in template.

for example; I have three images in one of my post. I wanna show them with slider as choosing which you want (first image, second...)
but when i did it, it didnt work in my post. Just, it works on template.

I guess, I said what i want.
please help me !

Savvy Guy said...

This template is great, however, I was hoping you could assist me with tweaking it a little bit. I am no programmer, so if you could take me step by step through these changes, I would appriciate it (i.e. what code, where to past it, and what code to erase). I am looking to do the following things:

1.) Change the color at the bottom of the screen from blue to green.

2.) Change the border color from black to something lighter.

3.) Add some text below the header that can go all the way across the screen: see by blog

That is it for know.

Thanks for your assistance,

Savvy Guy

Anonymous said...

u sure rock Scaralett..!!! tnx ALOOOOT!!

Dee said...

I love this template! Thanks!

However, my search box comes up with zero results everytime I perform a mock search. Any ideas?

Mystee said...

I installed this toay and it took forever and I even had to get rid of some of my custom made widgets or the whole bottom section moved all the way to the right.

Now my issue is on every post, people are getting a large blank area that looks like it should be a picture {even on the posts I have pictures in} do I fix this?

It keeps my blog from looking professional :(

Frezza said...

thanks, i'm using it for my site..

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