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Basic Language In XML Blogger Templates

Actually, there are two basic languages which are used in Blogger XML Template.

  1. First is CSS Language. This language is mainly relating with LAYOUT, Style, and position. For example: padding, margin, font-size, color, background color, and etc.
  2. Second, HTML Language. This language is relating with appearance, by mean this language will implement the CSS in web.
From here, we know that CSS and HTML language are basic in XML template. Also, that two are relating each other. In other word, if we want to implement the CSS code, we have to use the HTML together.
For short, without HTML, CSS will not be implemented. 

Where is the common Position of CSS in XML Blogger Templates. Click Here 


Pasha Nara said...

i wish i could learn to create blogger template soon :)

gagaukon said...

how i wish i also could create one :)

surya adi said...

right now I'm still using your zinfolio theme's, yes it's really hard to understand the combination of HTML, CSS, and XML. but, after examining your code, i get some clue about code modification

thanks a lot for opening my eyes to coding

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