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Common CSS Position In XML Blogger Templates

This article explains about the common position of CSS code in Blogger XML template.
Before we go to the CSS position in Blogger XML template file, you need to Sign in to blogger, and go to EDIT HTML.
I use to write this basic steps like this:

And then, please use your browser finder by clicking Ctrl+F to find this code:


 CSS Code Is Here


The first code is the SKIN opener, and the second is SKIN closer.
To know where the CSS position is very simple.
Every code/text between The SKIN opener and closer is relating with the CSS Language.

Very simple, right guys. I hope this will give you little knowledge about Template.
Ok. Have a nice blogging.

what is the basic language for XML template?? Click Here

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thank you Chaya for this information about blogger is important 4 me
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