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This article try to explain how to use blogger read-more button easily.

Chapter 01. SET THE GLOBAL SETTING (change to new feature)

Zero. Sign In to

First. Click the Tab, SETTING -- Basic. See the screenshot below
Second. Scroll down, then you will find title text "Global Setting"

Third. Checked the circle which say "latest feature". Please see the screen shot above in blue line.

Fourth. Save Your Setting by click the button "SAVE SETTING". Please see the screen shot above in green line.

Chapter 02: Displaying READ MORE with JUMP BREAK BUTTON

First. Go to POSTING -- NEW POST --

Second. After you write some texts inside the editing box, you can choose wherever text that you want to cut by clicking READ MORE feature which called Jump break. (see the screen shot below)

At Right top corner, you'll see JUMP BREAK or READ MORE icon which circle with red (big circle) and pink (small) line.   After you click the button, there will be  a line that representing the read more button in web. The line also representing the code HMTL

<!-- more -->

The code will appear if you change your text view from COMPOSE to EDIT HTML. (You can see this at right top corner, above the jump break button.

Third.  Save your writing and see the read more button in your blog.

Ok, Everything is done. If you like my works and articles, you could subscribe in my feed form in right sidebar of this site.
Have a nice blogging.... :)

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