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Ice Queen | Blogger Template

Blogger Templates Ice Queen is blue and white color. This template layout is 3 column which the sidebar is in the right.


Gamecraft (Unarmed Versions) Blogger Templates

This gamecraft is unarmed version. It means that this template does not equip with its original features, tab slide and tabber. Only this unarmed version is equipped with menu script which is very common. Unarmed versions is very lite, not heavy, and fast loading template.

Gamecraft | Blogger Template | Wordpress Theme


Gamecraft Installation Tutorial | Right Tab In Sidebar

Go to DESIGN -- EDIT HTML -- Find this word EDIT-ME

After that, change that texts with any word that you desired.

GO TO DESIGN -- ADD PAGE ELEMENT -- You'll see 01, 02, and 03 gadget.
Those gadget are javascript/HTML gadget. You can use for your own purpose

Q : Why the tab displays three at once??
A : The Tab displays three at once in ADD PAGE ELEMENT page, This is NORMAL.

Q : Why the sidebar tab doesn't work.... ???
A : Go to DESIGN -- EDIT HTML -- Ctrl+F or find the word EDIT-ME.
And you will see this codes :
<li class='fea ui-tabs-selected'><a href='#twitter'>EDIT-ME</a></li>
<li class='rec'><a href='#'>EDIT-ME</a></li>
<li class='pop'><a href='#recent'>EDIT-ME</a></li>

Delete and Change it with this code below:

<li class='fea'><a href='#twitter'>EDIT-ME</a></li>
<li class='rec'><a href='#video'>EDIT-ME</a></li>
<li class='pop'><a href='#recent'>EDIT-ME</a></li>

After that, save it.

Fill in The Banner 125 x 125 area

This article explain about how to fill in the 125 x 125  image sponsor

Copy this structure below

Gamecraft Installation Tutorial | Big Picture Of Slide Area

<!-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -->

Slide area -- left tab with big picture
Go to design -- add page element -- look at the left side of slide area, you'll see big picture of slide area -- click edit

Gamecraft Installation Tutorial | Small Picture Of Slide Area With Tab

This Article explain about how to insert the "Small Picture With Tab"
<!-- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -->
Slide Area -- Right Tab with small picture
go to Design -- add page element -- look at right side of slide area, you'll see texts "small picture with tab -- click edit


We know that this information could make someone feel inconvenient. However, we have to tell in order to make anything normal again. Please be informed, that our service given is free and gratis. So, we use free image and javascript  hosting service for the template.

Because of that, some problem might be arise regarding the image or javascript. Image might be gone. Or the template feature might be non function.

Before use the template, We recommend you to host the template javascript or image into your own hosting services. Some template with Special features like Slider, Glider, or anything like it will get good treatment.

Lastly, We hope that you enjoy the templates. Let's make blogging better by using Blogger Template with platform

Upload the JavaScript (JS Files) to Google Code is one of the best site that help bloggers to host their JS (Javascripts) files for free. This article explains about how to upload the JS files and using it to your blogger templates.

Magnolia Series

This Series contains 4 Nice different style of Magnolia Templates. Try the template then you will find simple instructions to install the features.

Meta Morphosis Series

This Series contains 10 Nice different style of Meta Morphosis Templates. Try the template as easy as uploading a standard one.

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