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Tequilas Flamejantes Dark

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Install The Template

  1. Please Sign In to Blogger
  2. Go to LAYOUT -- Edit HTML
  3. If You need to back up your old templates, please do the back up first.
  4. Upload The XML Files.
  5. Click the Upload button.
  6. Save your template.


hariyanto blog said...

numpang download. template nya bagus2.

VKBhardwaj said...

my name is vikas and i am a self made bloger running,
which provide blogger template and help to naccent and mature blogger. I have page rank 2(google)
and want to share link to increase page rank, If you are intrested in linkexchange please do it with me.
Thank you

Maria Sosten said...

Hi i really love this theme
i find somethings like this for a long time!
now I need your help.
1. I wanna delete the title over the image
which line of code that i shoud delete? I need it show just image
2. I wanna make the image link to the entry page (not link to img url) how should i do?

Thanks a lot about your great theme.
Waitng for your answer ^___^

KFCart Daily said...

Very nice, thank you.

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