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Upload the JavaScript (JS Files) to Google Code is one of the best site that help bloggers to host their JS (Javascripts) files for free. This article explains about how to upload the JS files and using it to your blogger templates.

1. Sign in to your google account. I recommend with your account. If you don't have one, please create it first.
2. Find in your search engine

4. Create A New Project by click the new project link
5. Fill all the form such as: project name, licences, labels and etc. And, Please choose any license. (Sorry, I don't give any specific information about every single license for you. If you want to know it, please find it in search engine by yourself). The form is just like the screen shot below :

6. After you push the "Creating Project" button, you will be directed to the list page. Then click the Download Tabs. Please see the screen shot below.

7. After click it. You will see the page below. Then, please click the button "New Download".

Even though it said new download, actually, that link is for upload the JS files. So, after you click it, then you can upload your JS files into the

8. Fill the form such as summary, and label, and then Click Browse.  Upload all your files. Please see below

9. After uploading, you will be given links. Put on your mouse pointer on the link. then copy its link location. Please see the screen shot below.

10. Great, you get the link location. How to use it ...?
Below is the HTML structure. Just change the red which say YOUR GOOGLE LINK LOCATION with your own link. 

<script src='YOUR-GOOGLECODE-LINK-LOCATION' type='text/javascript'></script>

<script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>

After that, Now you have to put it in the template. 
In your template, please find  :


 paste the code below ]]></b:skin> .

11. OK. You're done. 

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sanjeev khatoi said...


visit my blog @

Abhishek said...

Very Nice article for uploading Java Script to Google code...

sehat-mu said...

good aretikle my frnds...
tnx 4 share..

Barunang said...

Good information. izin kopas ya kang.. :)

Esydownloads said...

Many Many Thanks
For This Useful post ..

Netty Gritty said...

Very nice tut. I will definitely try this...

Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

I tried but it doesn't work, I used it for GAMEZINE updated js, but nothing changed except when I open my blog homepage firefox says "No content exists at page 1! Loading 1st page instead."

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