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Another Revolution Of Blogger

After we have seen the Template Designer Concept and new interface, I start to think, wow, blogger are getting serious to win the competition. However, after several month combining, blogger start to a new template program with "Dynamics View". I can not believe it, the dreaming design now come true. Many designer before have expense their time to design new layout using XML, but now, with little clicks the button, and your dream will come true. Yes, Dynamic View is awesome.

Note for the beginner:
1. Sign in to your blogger account
2. Click "Design", and you'll template designer
3. Click "Template Designer"
4. And choose the Dynamic view.

The Battle of Phones 2011

As we know that some of prestigious vendor have released their new products with dual core processor era in 2011. Samsung released galaxy 2 on February 2011. Motorola released Atrix on January 2011. Nokia release N9 which use Meego with fascinating User Interface. Many more threat: HTC, LG, and etc. And now, the iPhone 4S will release in October 2011 with A5 dual core processors. Some of users believe that the iPhone will be the star in that battlefield. However, look like the iPhone 4S still have competitor from Asus Padfone. Asus padfone will release in December 2011 with new design, Phone and Tablet combine with speciality together.

No iPhone 5 in 2011

There is no Iphone 5 this year. Apple announce that this year they will release iphone 4S.
Iphone 4S equipped with A5 Dual Core processor, 1080p HD Video, max 64 GB storage capacity, 8 megapixels, and introducing new feature "SIRI". The A5 processor is the one that use in the ipad 2. This processor is two times more power than its predecessor, iphone 5. Fast, A5 has very quick and responsive. Nevertheless, Its design still remain in the same iphone 4. visit apple official website for more information.

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Skype - Apps For Ipad

Skype For iPad
iPad App - Designed for the iPad only, not compatible with the iPhoneReleased: 02 August 2011 :: Category: Entertainment

More About Application

Convert HTML to Ad Code

When you posting HTML characters to your blog or comment box, you will not see anything or get an error. Actually, you need to change or convert your HTML codes first into "Entites Code" and then you will not get it without any error.
Below, This is a tool that help you to change HTML characters to "Entities Code" or simple text. Also, you could use it to convert Ad Code into your blogger templates.
It converts special characters in this way:

  • < becomes &lt;
  • > becomes &gt;
  • " (double quote) becomes &quot;
  • ' (single quote) becomes &#039;
  • & becomes &amp;

Paste your HTML Codes Into This Box Below:

Jailbreak Iphone, Ipad, Or Ipod Touch with JailbreakMe

Jailbreak Me Saffron will only be compatible with iOS 4.3 devices or newer. That's including the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 1, iPad 2, and iPod Touch. This is step by step how to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using JailbreakMe.

Gorgeous Concept Design Of iPhone 5

We find another gorgeous iPhone 5 concept design around webs. Dreaming and hoping that Apple will launch faster than date announced, many designer make speculation about the next iPhone 5.  Just for another recreation, below, this is the design concept of iPhone 5.

Unlock Your iPhone 4.3.3 with UltraSn0w

This article share about how to unlock your iPhone with UltraSn0w.

ID and CLASS Selector (Basic and Brief Telling)

In XML Templates in Blogger world, you might have seen "div class" or "div id". I hope that you will happy because this article explain it and the different about it.

Gevey, Blocked in iOS 5 Beta 2

The Gevey SIM could unlock your iPhone without a jailbreak. The SIM force activates the baseband by exploiting the emergency dialer function. Since Apple share iOS 5 Beta 2 yesterday, and it seems that the Gevey SIM is blocked from working in this second iOS build, Iphone 4 user who want to unlock with that SIM still need to stay on iOS 4, or stay put on iOS 5 Beta 1.

Apple maybe obtain pressure and blocking Gevey’s in result. But, we believe that Gevey will bring up to date its unlock.

Apple Developer share iOS 5 Beta 2

What a surprise, Apple have lauched iOS 5 Beta2 yesterday. IOS 5 Beta 2 is available to be downloaded in Apple’s developer channel. The size of iOS 5 Beta is 740MB and it could be used for all Apple devices from the 3rd gen iPod touch or higher.

Short About CSS Syntax

A CSS rule has two main parts: a selector, and one or more declarations:

The selector is normally the HTML element you want to style.Each declaration consists of a property and a value.The property is the style attribute you want to change. Each property has a value.

source: >w3school

Introduction or Basic Understanding of CSS

We have explained about basic language of XML template before. If you are newbie relating blogger design, then you have to know what CSS is. This article gives short explanation about what is CSS about.

According to w3school, What is CSS?

Knowing Blogger XML Templates

For Beginner

  1. How To Save My XML Templates
  2. Basic Language Of Blogger's XML Templates
  3. CSS Position in Blogger's XML Templates

Iphone 5 what's new?

A huge mass media, Bloomberg, reported that Apple preparing upgraded kind of Iphone 4 to launch in september. Based on those, the successor will use dual-core A5 processor that have been put inside in Ipad 2, and 8 MP camera. That media source have confirmed Apple is really doing on a cheap I phone model for developing countries. However, Apple still not make any comments on the report and completely quite about anything related with next Iphone.  

How to Save, Download, or Back Up My Template

If you are very beginner of Blogger user, maybe you need to read this article. When you like to change or redesign the template, backing up your template is one of important thing.
Let's go straight and enough of conversation.

How To Change Default Blogger Favicon

What is Favicon ?

Favicon is a small picture that associated with particular website or weblog. Favicon also known as a shortcut icon, weblog icon, website icon, or URL icon.
You have seen default blogger favicon as shown below

The icon near the URL address is named Favicon ( Favourite Icon ). You can change the icon to any design that you like.

Below are step by steps how to change default favicon into your own. Nevertheless, you have to note that before you do the steps, you must ready for your own image.

Small Guides to Buy Internet Tablet

Some people said that the year of 2011 is the beginning of the tablet computer era.
Even though tablet technology have been distributed maybe 2 decades ago, but not every user in different classes could enjoy its facillites. Some say that because of its high price that almost like buying a cheap car in that day. However, now it's different. In 2011, We can buy a tablet with cheap.

So, what should you look in for before buy a good tablet:

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