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Small Guides to Buy Internet Tablet

Some people said that the year of 2011 is the beginning of the tablet computer era.
Even though tablet technology have been distributed maybe 2 decades ago, but not every user in different classes could enjoy its facillites. Some say that because of its high price that almost like buying a cheap car in that day. However, now it's different. In 2011, We can buy a tablet with cheap.

So, what should you look in for before buy a good tablet:

Standard Facilities (Don’t even call a tablet, if it doesn’t have this) :
-  Wifi
-. Bluetooth
-  Earphone jack

1. Good Facilities
Not just good looking, handsome, and beautiful design that always number one in tablet, you have to consider about what it can do. I have to say that tablet must also have:
- USB Connectivity
- HDMI Graphic Connectivity

2. Good Price
Oh My God, that small piece of junks is expensive, higher than $750. Maybe my statement are too much. As you know, not all the people could buy it because we are in different economy, men. So, give them a brake.

3. Good Storage
Oh…oh… not 8 - 64 GB again. Give us some space to store more movies, musics, e-books, and more games. We do not like energy wasted to connect memory card, and remove it again, and turn it back again. Look, my tablet have a “tails” just like a mouse have. A hundred or more Gigabyte is good. But still, do they have more a cheaper price? Let’s see their next movement.

If you have any suggestion to complete my notes, you can leave it in the comment box below. Please, give the reason also. Any good additional notes from you, we will add it in the next number.


sandika said...

good info, thanks

hugo said...

how can i change the gamezine tv header for the one i want?

broken heart sms said...

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