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How To Change Default Blogger Favicon

What is Favicon ?

Favicon is a small picture that associated with particular website or weblog. Favicon also known as a shortcut icon, weblog icon, website icon, or URL icon.
You have seen default blogger favicon as shown below

The icon near the URL address is named Favicon ( Favourite Icon ). You can change the icon to any design that you like.

Below are step by steps how to change default favicon into your own. Nevertheless, you have to note that before you do the steps, you must ready for your own image.

Chapter 01: Generate your Image
  1. Change your image to icon. To do that, you could use Favicon Generator,
  2. Insert your image
  3. Click “Generate Favicon” Button, and wait until the process is completed.
  4. After completed, Click “Download Your Favicon” and save it to your computer
Chapter 02: Upload Your Favicon To Image Hosting
  1. Find image hosting such as,,, or etc.
  2. After that, upload the image that just you have just downloaded from favicon generator into image hosting website
  3. Copy the image address from the image hosting. For example:
Chapter 03: Place the Code into Template
  1. Login to Blogger with your ID
  2. Click “Design” or “Layout” button
  3. Click “Edit HTML” button
  4. Find (Ctrl + F)  this code : <head>
  5. Place this code below <head>
  6. <link rel="shortcut icon" href=""/>
  7. Save your changing by Push “Save Template” button
  8. Done
I hope that this old tutorial useful. Have a nice try ….


अरूण साथी said...

thanks for this

Abhishek Sadhu said...

Thanks for sharing this to change the default bloger favicon.

Is it not violate the blogger user aggreement or ToR ?

Cahaya Biru said...

No. It doesn't ..

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