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How to Save, Download, or Back Up My Template

If you are very beginner of Blogger user, maybe you need to read this article. When you like to change or redesign the template, backing up your template is one of important thing.
Let's go straight and enough of conversation.

  1. Login to your Blogger account
  2. Click "Design" Tab. You will be directed to a new page, called “add page element”.
  3. In that page, then press "Edit HTML" link.  After press the link, you’ll be directed to another page again, called “Edit HTML” page. menu2-pp
  4. In Edit HMTL page, you'll see a link "Download Full Template". Press that link,   menu3b-pp
  5. and the download process will start. And you will get the blogger template XML file "template-xxxxxxxxxxxx". Yes, that's your backing/old template that you just download. You can see the result in the bottom of your web browser.menu3-pp
  6. Done. you could change the file name with “My old template” or “My Old 1”.
    As important note, that the template you have just taken do not include the contents of the widget. Because she is another part. But, don’t worry, we will discuss how to take that widgets later. As well, we will discuss about how to know the contents of the template and modify its contents.

    I hope this short article will help the beginner like me... Have a nice day…

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