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ID and CLASS Selector (Basic and Brief Telling)

In XML Templates in Blogger world, you might have seen "div class" or "div id". I hope that you will happy because this article explain it and the different about it.

The id selector is used to specify a style for a single, unique element.
The id selector uses the id attribute of the HTML element, and is defined with a "#".
The style rule below will be applied to the element with id="slider":

For Example:

#slider {text-align:center; color:red; }

Note: Do not start an ID name with a number! It will not work in Mozilla/Firefox.

The class Selector
The class selector is used to specify a style for a group of elements. Unlike the id selector, the class selector is most often used on several elements. This allows you to set a particular style for many HTML elements with the same class.
The class selector uses the HTML class attribute, and is defined with a "." or dot.
In the example below, HTML elements with class="trailer"

For Example:

.trailer {height:21px; padding:2px 5px 0 5px;}

Now, we have already explained about the different between ID and CLASS selector. I hope you enjoy with this very short article.

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