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Another Revolution Of Blogger

After we have seen the Template Designer Concept and new interface, I start to think, wow, blogger are getting serious to win the competition. However, after several month combining, blogger start to a new template program with "Dynamics View". I can not believe it, the dreaming design now come true. Many designer before have expense their time to design new layout using XML, but now, with little clicks the button, and your dream will come true. Yes, Dynamic View is awesome.

Note for the beginner:
1. Sign in to your blogger account
2. Click "Design", and you'll template designer
3. Click "Template Designer"
4. And choose the Dynamic view.

The Battle of Phones 2011

As we know that some of prestigious vendor have released their new products with dual core processor era in 2011. Samsung released galaxy 2 on February 2011. Motorola released Atrix on January 2011. Nokia release N9 which use Meego with fascinating User Interface. Many more threat: HTC, LG, and etc. And now, the iPhone 4S will release in October 2011 with A5 dual core processors. Some of users believe that the iPhone will be the star in that battlefield. However, look like the iPhone 4S still have competitor from Asus Padfone. Asus padfone will release in December 2011 with new design, Phone and Tablet combine with speciality together.

No iPhone 5 in 2011

There is no Iphone 5 this year. Apple announce that this year they will release iphone 4S.
Iphone 4S equipped with A5 Dual Core processor, 1080p HD Video, max 64 GB storage capacity, 8 megapixels, and introducing new feature "SIRI". The A5 processor is the one that use in the ipad 2. This processor is two times more power than its predecessor, iphone 5. Fast, A5 has very quick and responsive. Nevertheless, Its design still remain in the same iphone 4. visit apple official website for more information.

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