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The Battle of Phones 2011

As we know that some of prestigious vendor have released their new products with dual core processor era in 2011. Samsung released galaxy 2 on February 2011. Motorola released Atrix on January 2011. Nokia release N9 which use Meego with fascinating User Interface. Many more threat: HTC, LG, and etc. And now, the iPhone 4S will release in October 2011 with A5 dual core processors. Some of users believe that the iPhone will be the star in that battlefield. However, look like the iPhone 4S still have competitor from Asus Padfone. Asus padfone will release in December 2011 with new design, Phone and Tablet combine with speciality together.

This battle seems to show no end. but the war and the competition even more interesting and more crowded. Not to mention the competition coupled with a growing number of Operating Systems. Could it be the iphone would win in this battle? Or, if this is the era of the beginning of the destruction of the iPhone? We will see it in the 2012 soon. Please, Just take a sit, relax and watch.

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